New App, YouCompose, Is Like A Virtual Assistant For Composition

bach-iphoneElstar has introduced YouCompose – a music composition application that turns your mobile device into a virtual composition assistant.

Using the rules from the ‘common practice period’, YouCompose helps you compose in classical 4-part harmony.

YouCompose Is Like A Virtual Assistant For Composition

YouCompose comes with a built-in assistant composer. This assistant can help you compose your music in many ways.

You can enter melodies using the built-in virtual keyboard (with metronome) or enter single notes in a grid editor. Your assistant composer will then harmonize your melodies.

You can influence the way the assistant harmonizes your melodies, by setting harmonization points and other options, or you can also leave that completely to your assistant.

You can also ask your assistant to compose a melody or even a complete composition.

A composition can be edited in many ways. YouCompose allows you to copy, paste, move, repeat and discard movements, segments and individual notes, enter lyrics, transpose, change gain etc.

YouCompose can play your composition with its built-in instruments and, since YouCompose is Core MIDI compatible, you can also utilize a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI sound module.

Youcompose-sheet-musicYou can view your composition’s full score or the individual parts and print them directly from YouCompose to an AirPrint compatible printer.

You can save compositions to your device and load them again later. Additionally, YouCompose allows you to send and receive them from other devices running YouCompose via an AirDrop connection.

You can share your composition with others by sending an email containing MIDI files and a PDF document with the full score and the individual parts.

A complete user manual is included in the App and you can print it to an AirPrint compatible printer.

Several sample compositions containing well known melodies are also included in the package.

YouCompose is available for iOS in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “New App, YouCompose, Is Like A Virtual Assistant For Composition

    1. Yeah it can pretty much do that if u want it to. I just picked it up. It has a piano roll though and you can set some parameters to get closer to what u might want. The harmonization feature is quite intuitive. Keep on mind this app seems based on Classical forms and structure I.e. Rondo form. I like that you can get something up quickly and making edits seams fairly easy. Also it has midi and virtual midi so routing that to your daw or iPad synths will make it sound better. It comes with instruments that are ok for listening to the voicing, but the sound is not for production. Also, I like that you can print out the music, using marketing television.

  1. Couple of things I miss in the new version. During playback on the main screen the lyrics no longer appear. Also In the old version the lyrics were exported in the midi file. This no longer is the case. Please re activate these. It made the program much more useful. Thanks

  2. The black keys on the keyboard no longer work. They are not ‘lit’, they don’t sound. I have tried reinstalling the app but no improvement.????

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