Vectr Open Source 3D Sensing Gesture Controller Fully Funded

Vectr – the open source 3D music gesture controller project – has reached its funding goals.

Vectr is a three dimensional control interface designed for Eurorack modular system. It senses the location of a hand over its face and outputs a signal proportional to position for each axis: x (left and right), y (up and down), and z (in and out). So, you can control three things at one time, like turning three knobs all at once by moving your hand through the air.

You could control the amplitude of a sound with the x axis, the pitch with the y axis, and the modulation of that sound with the z axis. By moving your hand slowly over the surface, you can create subtly evolving, changing and dramatic sounds. With quick movements, you can generate bursts of dynamic audio.

Vectr is being developed as a Kickstarter project. It is fully funded and has a few days to go. See the project site for details.

via cdm

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