Stroke Machine + Electrify NXT Review

Stroke Machine and Electrify NXT are reviewed in the latest episode of Gaz Williams and Nick Batt’s Sonic Touch video series. 

The iPad applications offer two very different approaches to the Groovebox idea.

If you’ve used Electrify NXT or Stroke Machine, leave a comment and let us know what you think of them!

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4 thoughts on “Stroke Machine + Electrify NXT Review

  1. I have waited a long time for a deep ios drum synth with multiple fx busses. This has just eliminated a lot of steps in my drum processing workflow within ioS itself (resampling/audiobus). For somebody like me who doesn’t own a physical machine, this will make for a great and compact drum sound source to be sampled by the OP-1, right Gaz? Especially once midi sync is included with an update. Just from messing with the tutorial in the manual, this sounds great. I only waited this long to purchace Stroke cause of trepidation with my iPad2, which so far handles well stand alone and with kits that don’t have a lot going on. But it was ultimately Gazs’ roboting in the shadows along to Nick’s excellent little 80s groove that sealed the deal for me.

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