2014 NAMM Show Preview: Pittsburgh Modular + Studio Electronics Team Up On High-End Euro Modular Synthesizers

pghsePittsburgh Modular Synthesizers has announced a collaboration with Studio Electronics:

Together we are designing and manufacturing a new line of high-end Eurorack format modular synthesizers. The new product line will build off of the time-tested designs of Studio Electronics, manufacturers of Premium Quality Analog Synths and Class-A Audio gear since 1985.

We will be giving a sneak preview of the new line at NAMM later this month with pictures, sound, and video to follow.

Studio Electronics manufactures the Boomstar 4075, 5089, 3003, and SEM, Orion Galaxy, the Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Fox, along with our Discrete Sound Engine Analog Synths: ATC-X, ATC-Xi, Omega 8, CODE, CODE OD, CODE Blu and SE-1X: Redeye and Angel Dust.

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers is a Eurorack modular synthesizer company located in Pittsburgh, PA USA.

We’ll have more info when it is available at the 2014 NAMM Show.

16 thoughts on “2014 NAMM Show Preview: Pittsburgh Modular + Studio Electronics Team Up On High-End Euro Modular Synthesizers

  1. I’ve been ogling the Pittsburg modular cell 48 system as my possible first foray into modular so this sounds interesting and I can’t help but mention that last night a good friend of mine said he’d lend me his analogue solutions vostockbso I can see how I’d get on with modular …pretty excited about that !!

    1. the system one is defiantly a great entry, be sure to order plenty of patch cords to break all the ‘internal’ connections in the Block module, though.

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