13 thoughts on “Guy Makes Dubstep, Or ‘Farmstep’, With A ‘My First Sony’ Toy

  1. If he had white peoples hair, the racists would not be making fun of him. And no, it does not sound like dubstep; the experience of watching this does not even come close to even the most average-sounding dubstep track. so the title of this video misleads you. you think there will be dubstep experience or at least the inspirational equivalent, but there isn’t shit. This is pretty much fail. please entertain us harder. more effort please.

  2. 1 – He has good natural timing
    2 – He pushed his tool to the limit
    3 – He clearly did it in a less than supportive environment

    That is the formula for bad ass. Keep going, kid!

  3. That was … nearly amazing!
    It follows the form of dubstep perfectly, if he jacked a line out to a mixer board it could be… well, something.
    Check out his /frobomusic at Soundcloud.

    The timing is a wee bit off in some parts, but way better than most can do without a click track.
    Dare your favourite superstar to do better than that with some similar toy.

    (I still swear by the Fisher-Price saxophone I played in an apartment we rented briefly. Just 4-5 buttons, but so good interaction between 2-3 samples and 2 effects I think. I should have stolen it, their kids wouldn’t have missed it… *snifl*)

  4. That was great. If the person who made that video sees these comments… keep doing creative things like that. I grab items similar to My first Sony all the time at garage sales because of potential like that.

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