Roland AIRA TR-08 Rumor Leak Update – Not Analog, But ‘Great Fun’


Since we reported on the upcoming Roland Aira TR-08 drum machine teaser video, there’s been tons of discussion about it on Synthtopia and around the ‘net. The Aira TR-08 is generating as much buzz as anything teased or leaked from the upcoming 2014 NAMM Show.

Official details are to come – but unofficial rumors & leaks suggest that the Aira TR-08 will not be the purist analog TR-808 recreation many readers have asked for – but that you’re going to want it anyway.

This is not solidly sourced information, but feedback from a musician that claims to have used a prototype of the TR-08 suggests that it’s analog modeled, solidly built, affordably priced and fun to use:

All 4 Aira machines are digital, but will use modeling technology rather than PCM. The TR-08 has 909 sounds as well. They are not software controllers. This new division of Roland is dedicated to hardware since software has taken a huge chunk of their sales. Pieces are solid and well built. Pricing will be extremely un-Roland (low) from what they told me.

Aira units are geared toward live performance rather than recording. Played with them for about 45 mins. Great fun.

CDM’s Peter Kirn is independently reporting that the ‘new’ 808 successor from Roland will be modeled in digital form.

“If Roland can hit an affordable price with this, and if it’s reasonably playable, they’ll have a hit on their hands,” argues Kirn. But, he adds, “The market should still be open for a faithful 808 clone.”

There are already some boutique ‘808 clones available, but without ‘Roland’ on the front panel. Roland may view this niche as being filled.

If the TR-08 uses analog modeling technology well, if it delivers the ‘808 sound and if it is priced affordably, Roland could have a great box for the broader drum machine/groovebox market.

We’ll bring you the official details, along with audio examples, as soon as they are available. In the meantime, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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115 thoughts on “Roland AIRA TR-08 Rumor Leak Update – Not Analog, But ‘Great Fun’

  1. I am leaving for NAMM tomorrow and I am excited to go hear for myself what this sounds like. I was born in the latter part of the 80’s, so I missed all of Roland’s “glory days”- and yet even I am wishing that Roland would give analog one more try. No gimmicks, no kitchiness, just a simple analog driven something. Anything. Korg has proven that it doesn’t have to be complicated to get people interested (monotrons anyone?) All that said, I still can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Thanks Synthtopia, you do a great job.

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  2. Roland? ROLAND??? Just when I oficially counted them OUT of the synth\drummachine\EDM\Techno realm I hear about the TR-08. I LOVE the Classic Roland sound and design quality, and hope they really knock this out of the ball park. PLEASE ROLAND, NO MC-303\505 CRAPPPPP!!!

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  3. This might just restore many old skool fans of Roland gear….please Roland lets hope this really is a decent sounding bit of gear and not like the crap you have spewed out over the last couple of decades…..

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  4. Gaia uses pcm samples instead of modelled oscillators, so I would want to be sure, before I took the plunge on the aira. I don’t mind if it’s VA and it has a fantastic interface and effects

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