This Is What Elektron Is Introducing At The 2014 Winter NAMM Show (Teaser)

Elektron today released this sneak preview of what they are introducing at the 2014 NAMM Show.

It’s just a teaser – but the layout looks a bit like the MachineDrum with a pad grid added, and the styling follows the OctaTrack, AnalogFour look.

We’ll have official details next week.

Check it out and let us know what you think is coming!

38 thoughts on “This Is What Elektron Is Introducing At The 2014 Winter NAMM Show (Teaser)

  1. Since it’s Elektron, I anticipate it will be pretty cool but WILDLY expensive for what it does.

    Looks pretty, but I can already tell the fact that there are 12 pads instead of 16 would be a no-go for my MPC-slanted mind it we’re supposed to be able to chop samples on this thing.

  2. WELL! my guess is that is has pads! *snap!*
    limping jokes aside i guess this could have FM / granular synthesis inside. That would allow it not to overlap with any earlier elektron machines and still be one hell of a machine. Those pads could also be seen as a FM matrix! Well… one can dream. There also has been very good implementations of analog thru-zero FM as of late so an analog implementation of FM-padmachine would really be unique and get them a lot of attention (and for a reason) Who doesn’t want an insane bells-and-whistles fm-drummachine with pads and elektron hands-on-gui/sequencer?

  3. Seeing as it only has 12 pads, I get the feeling that rather than being a next-gen machinedrum only, it could be an “all-in-one” machine. i.e. a box that blends aspects of the MD, A4/Monomachine, and Octatrack? The background music also has more than just drums going on. If it is something like that, my wallet is in trouble…

  4. I’m guessing it’s an effects processor or a new drum machine to expand upon the machinedrum.

    An effects processor would be a great addition to the elektron line… parameter locking multieffects all over the place. 🙂

  5. Well that looks like huge fun! Sparkly lights! But I’ve already learnt the hard way that groove boxes aren’t for me, no matter HOW many pretty lights and buttons it has :/

  6. a relatively useful, inexpensive(i know it’s not exactly something elektron’s known for)standalone hardware MIDI controller/sequencer with parameter locks would be nice. I’ve owned a few elektron devices & as beautifully constructed as they are, it feels like you are always buying a boutique item.

  7. I love my Monomachine, Its never leaving my setup and has been a huge payoff for me synth and SEQ wise. However my brain aches at the thought of learning another Elektron Machine. Can`t wait to see the details regardless. They better have a brilliant one here, my wallet is under lock and key.

    1. I hear you there! 🙂

      Hopefully the new Elektron box will have a more analog four or machinedrum workflow (vs. the monomachine and octatrack’s weirdness…)

  8. Wouldn’t it be N-ice if all the new world orders come rolling in to be delivered from a N-ice frosted box, into the penumbra’lalala’s of the N-ice i-Nuit whose iGlo’ws’tickles all your boxes. While S’till unaware of the weather or not it makes this thunderdome of a plan-E.T. come together.

  9. I will vote down your comment if you don’t praise everything and have even a slightly different opinion that me

    -Unreasonable fanboys

    That being said, it looks awesome, just gonna reserve judgement till I know the price and all the features. Now you can vote me down.

  10. I guess what you meant to say was “I will vote down your comment if you (-) praise everything…”
    However… are you unaware of the possibility that the “box” is the throne of the “chain that binds”,
    and when plan-E.T. crashes they always search for the black box to be Abel to listen to what has been going on inside the cockpit of earth?

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