35 thoughts on “Waldorf At The 2014 Winter NAMM Show

      1. This is what I’m hoping for. I like the sound of the Pulse 2, but hate the knob layout. That’s why I sold the Evolver desktop.

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  1. Hmmm. Nothing beats Big Bird in my opinion. Maybe it’s an updated Blofeld type with a layout that gets close or nails the 1-knob-per-function – that might possibly be an alternative to VIRUS, but at a better price point? – Long shot, but that’s what I’d like to see. 🙂 (……with vocoder)

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  2. Definitely Rocket based because of the fixed point knobs ….Blofeld & pulse are endless encoders .
    PolyRocket would be cool at right price.

    Note press release is plural ” products ” so maybe more to follow.

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    1. they are only endless encoders because its a matrix style layout – i.e. one knob controls multiple functions..

      if there is a knob-per-function you dont need endless encoders, because the range for “resonance” for example, is always the same


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      1. >if there is a knob-per-function you dont need endless encoders

        Tell that to my Waldorf Microwave XT. 🙂

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  3. A slightly souped up 4 voice Rocket, the Moonraker.


    Blofeld plus, with a couple of analog filters and some tweaking in the engine room.

    Neither will happen, but I would buy both.

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  4. what matter if it beats the other competitors ?
    With regard to brontonsaures such dsi, moog or roland , any company with little inventiveness could reach customers !

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  5. My guess is a Rocket keyboard with sound storage & a funky sequencer – i hope. That to me would be logical and in competition with what Moog are offering. I hope i’m right as it would be a kick ass product as i liked the Rocket but it needed the extra capability. I’m watching with interest…

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  6. Microwave III please!!!! DCO’s with VCF’s that are on par with the PPG’s and Microwave I, complete with software editor/librarian!!!! dont fuck around Waldorf!!!! the future is now!!!! i’ll buy one right away!!!!

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  7. I’m hoping for an 8-voice hybrid synth with digital oscillators and analog filters. Waldorf are so ripe for this, they just need to add the Pulse 2’s filter to the Blofeld – and it would sound amazing! And who’s the competition in the analog poly hybrid? I think there’s just about only DSI.

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  8. 16 voice analog/digital wave table hybrid. 8 analog voices 8 digital. Full analog signal path after oscillators. 1 knob per function. 61 key. Vocoder ability. XY modulation pad. 8 mpc style pads for drum synthesis. Kitchen sink…

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