MiniSynth For FL Studio (Windows) & FL Studio Mobile Now In Beta

Image Line has announced that MiniSynth – a software synth for FL Studio (WIndows) and FL Studio Mobile – is now available for beta testing.

Here’s what they have to say about MiniSynth:

MiniSynth is a fully featured synthesizer with a low processor overhead and great sound. There are 6 tabs covering the synthesizer controls making it perfect when working with a touch interface (for which it was designed) or for the new user learning how to program synthesizers. MiniSynth is also included with FL Studio Mobile and will be used when converting FL Studio Mobile projects to FL Studio format (FL Studio 11.0.5 not yet released). Even if you don’t use FL Studio Mobile, you will find MiniSynth a great addition to your library.

You can get the MiniSynth beta via the Image Line forum.

4 thoughts on “MiniSynth For FL Studio (Windows) & FL Studio Mobile Now In Beta

  1. thats cool and all but, Heat Synth for android, totally wins way harder. integration to me is not as useful, huge amount of options for great sound design is. BUT that image line remote app is AMAZING.

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