Sequential Comes To iPad


SineVibes has released Sequential For iPad – an iOS version of its audio effects app.

Sequential lets you load audio samples for looped playback and apply up to 11 different effects in a rhythmical order. It includes many classic algorithms such as low- and high-pass filters, flanger, resonator, bit crusher, but goes much further with Sinevibes’ trademark wave transformer, circuit bender and even synthesizers controlled by the sound’s dynamics.

Audio demos of Sequential For iPad are available at the SineVibes site.

Sequential For iPad is available in the App Store for US $4.99.

18 thoughts on “Sequential Comes To iPad

    1. Ok I’ve played more with it and I suppose I was approaching it from the daw plugin vs app angle. I do find this quite nice to use and already have got some good results. It has a pretty robust implimentation of audioshare which is cool, and also have to mention this app is running very well with no hiccups or slowdown on ipad3. I still think audiobus is the next logical step for this app, ab in/out would be great. I suppose it may be difficult with all the midi clock issues between apps and maybe why the developers have made it a standalone? It’s a quality app anyway, I don’t want to discourage people from trying with my comment, it is worth the 5.50$ au here. Shit I bought 2 iced coffees last week at the local cafe for 5.50 each.

    1. Well, it’s an app, it’s doing to have an interface, it makes sense that people would want to see it and how it is used. A really good interface can spark the imagination. Remember the Borderlands sampler?

        1. Yes, one parameter per effect. In case of oscillators and flanger/resonator, the sliders are bipolar and the effect is different in the two directions. We fine-tuned all parameter ranges to be usable in the widest range of scenarios, so the app is instantly very musical no matter what you do.

  1. Love this app – a perfect bit of innovation – two things I’d love to see in the future: even more processing choices (perhaps a double click on the effects to reveal more parameters) and: the possibility of the overall grid being switchable between 16 steps and 32 steps for even further-nuanced mutating. Again though: love this app a whole lot as is.

    1. The app has as much as it has for two reasons: 1) we did not want to slow down the workflow by offering tabs or scrolling, 2) we cannot go beyond the reasonable finger tracking resolution (especially for iPad mini users) if we have more steps. Trust me there are always compromises we have to make, decide what’s primary and what’s not that important in the long run. Judging by how fast you can get great results… I think it was worth it.

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