Alesis Intros Improved IO Dock II At 2014 NAMM Show


2014 NAMM Show: Alesis has introduced the IO Dock II – an updated audio docking solution for both Lightning and 30-pin iPads.

Here are the details on the new version.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable 30-pin and Lightning connectors included
  • Works with iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad (4th generation)
  • Improved high-impedance guitar input for accurate recording of guitars and bass guitars
  • Improved iPad connector placement for quick and easy loading of your iPad
  • Connect microphones, instruments, speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllers
  • Works with virtually any Core Audio or Core MIDI app in the App Store
  • (2) combo XLR-1/4-inch inputs for use with instruments, microphones, and more
  • Input channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones
  • (2) 1/4-inch main outputs and 1/4-inch headphone output, each with independent volume controls
  • 5-pin MIDI and USB MIDI input and output and an assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input
  • Professional 24-bit converters built in
  • Class-compliant, no drivers required

Details on pricing and availability are to come.

31 thoughts on “Alesis Intros Improved IO Dock II At 2014 NAMM Show

  1. Nice! I have the older ioDock for my 3rd Gen iPad, I’ve really enjoyed it. I was afraid that the whole form factor and connector change silliness that Apple indulges in was going to turn Alesis off from making useful docks like this. It’s really been a good product since I can keep it connected to my PC’s MIDI and audio interfaces and not have to risk messing up the connector with weird flimsy dongles. Good going, Alesis.

    1. Um. I don’t understand your question.

      The point, if you are not being cheeky, is that they made an i/o that now works with newer devices AND also works with older devices. You’d rather they just made it not work with older iPads?

    2. I get the feeling ipad air support will be via a slide out plastic tray, like ipad 2/3 support of the original, just hope they keep the firmware updates for the original going a bit longer.

    1. Yes, I meant “not” instead of “now”. This new interface only works with the iPads it already did.
      It might be slightly improved, but the newest and most powerful iPad will still not fit (smaller and thinner).
      There’s already quite a few solutions for the older iPads, imo they should have made this one for the iPad Air (and the upcoming ones).

  2. Wow. They didn’t learn a thing from the last one. They just put the connector on the other side and put it on the end of a cable…
    As an iPad air user, that focusrite itrack dock is looking a lot better suddenly.

  3. The question is: do we get a direct digital out via USB, SPDIF or toslink and does it finally pass Sysex messages? Otherwise I would say go with iConnect…

      1. yeah, as you probably found out, the connectivity 2+, and future 4+ allow audio passthrough to and from your daw… which is what most of us need with our setups…. Alesis really should have aped this feature…. seems like they and Focusrite left some money on the table with that exclusion…. seem to be aimed at guys who want a souped up tascam and using it as a standalone daw etc… that and you can’t use the mini kind of suck…. moving on….

    1. Whist it is a HUGE oversight that they would go to release without some kind of form fitting adapter or shield for both the air and the Mini2 I certainly don’t consider them a design Joke. I keep my two iPads permenatly housed within 2 IO Docks (version one) and find the whole thing very practical for my needs, the unit lets my iPad handle like actual hardware with all the I/O needs and controls close to hand and no extra wires to think about or extra real estate needed on my live equipment boards to house both an interface and find a safe protective place for my pad.

      Whilst I see full well that the one thing these docks are at the mercy of is a change of need (I.e buying a different iPad) , but I am sure in years to come it will still do its intended job (at the time I got mine “handle audio and midi form iPads 1/2/3) very well indeed.

      I have been waiting for this update BEFORE I even contemplate an Air or Mini 2 so once they let me know how they intend to sort the form factor issue, I will be buying one.

  4. Dock interfaces are an engineering design joke and waste of money because they are at the mercy of a varying Apple form factor. Since when did a cable between devices become less desirable than a dock interface that won’t fit your next device? Studio gear should last as long as you need it, not as long as Apple stuff fits it. Consumers that buy this junk have not done their research and are looking for a ‘simple’ way out due to lack of education, or they just have a lot of money and time to waste.

    1. True, especially when any USB/MIDI interface will work with the iPad. There’s tons of options out there, these ones could take it a step up though, but they’re not really doing it.

  5. The really critical question for me is whether they’ve implemented MIDI SysEx messages this time round – the previous IODock can’t transmit SysEx and is IMO nearly unusable as a result.

  6. I have used the original IO Dock for a couple of years and was the main reason I bought an iPad as I wanted something small and multi functional for integration. It has had its issues with MIDI (dropped/hanging notes etc), but is in the true sense a dock with a myriad of wires constantly plugged in. Support from Alesis has been terrible!

    Wether I am plugging a guitar in and using it as stomp box, or playing as a MIDI sound device it is just a single dock and makes life simple rather than the single purose devices I would otherwise have to use. I have placed it on a piece of wood so at 60 degrees as flat is not optimal. The dock means I can use my ipad as a consumer device or plug it easily into this dock and it is nicely integrated into my home studio. Lack of USB MIDI was a pain as 5 pin MIDI is tiresome. USB audio is not a big problem for me but very nice if they can do it. Charging the ipad has been nice too! For what V1 did at £129 was awesome and something I use a lot. I look forward to reviews on the V2 and will buy if any good as USB MIDI would make life much easier.

    I just hope Alesis can sort out any support issues this time!

  7. For studio use, i’d be happy with a simple USB adapter that could transfer MIDI I/O and audio through the single USB port to/from my computer. All other connections (headphones, XLR, etc…) are meaningless in a studio.

  8. Ordered an iodock2 🙂

    Its got sysex! Yay:)

    I hope that we can attach an extention cable to the connector so that it doesnt have to be inserted into the dock while using all of its capabilities:)

  9. After using the iOdock2 for a week I have noticed a couple of glaringly obvious things which need to be fixed. When my ipad air is docked the touch gesture on the ipad itself gets confused. Menus start opening with a swipe of the screen (where my arrange window in cubasis normally scrolls for example) This makes editing in cubasis impossible while docked. This corrects itself when the dock connector is pulled out . On some apps the left channel goes quiet and distorted at the same time. Other apps stop producing sound output from the apps themselves. (like korg gadget).

    It will be a great peice of kit when they iron out the bugs. Maybe a firmware update to cope with the iO 8.1 update is needed. Oh well, I’ll put it away for now and check back with Alesis in about 6 months to see if theres a firmware update, right now, it’s a waste of time trying to use it productively.

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