Alesis Intros Two New MIDI Controller Lines, The V Series & The VI Series


2014 NAMM ShowAlesis today introduced the new V Series and VI Series of full-size keyboard/pad controllers:

  • The new Alesis V Series (V61, V49, V25) combine velocity-sensitive keys with eight drum/trigger pads. Blue LEDs illuminate the pads, as well as the four assignable knobs and buttons. Assignments may be made quickly via the MIDI Learn feature. Octave shift keys provide access to the entire note range. A single USB cable provides both a power and data connection to nearly any computer.
  • The Alesis VI Series (VI61, VI49, VI25) add semi-weighted keys and aftertouch. The pad count has been increased to 16, with multi-color illumination. This layout provides intensive command over the clip trigger workflow of top DAW and compositional software. The internal clock offers drum roll, tempo, and sync capabilities. An optional power supply and a standard MIDI output allow for stand-alone use.


Alesis V Series Highlights:

  • Full size, flat-front keys (25, 49, or 61)
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels
  • 8 Pads with blue LED illumination
  • 4 Assignable knobs and buttons
  • Sustain pedal input

Alesis V49 shown above.


Alesis VI Series Highlights:

  • Full size, flat-front keys (25, 49, or 61)
  • Semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch
  • Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheels
  • 16 Pads with Multi-color LED illumination
  • VI25: 8 knobs, 24 buttons
  • VI49: 12 knobs, 36 buttons
  • VI61: 16 knobs, 48 buttons
  • Transport and Present up/down buttons
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Internal Clock for sync, tempo, rolls, etc.

The V and VI Series will have the following respective estimated street prices, V25 ($79.99 USD), V49 ($99.99 USD), V61 ($149.99 USD), VI25 ($169.99 USD), VI49 ($199.99 USD), and VI61 ($249.99 USD).

12 thoughts on “Alesis Intros Two New MIDI Controller Lines, The V Series & The VI Series

  1. That’s a great price, and the colors are good too. I would be tempted to add one of these to my setup but—

    The pads! Why are they underneath the pitch/mod wheels! I get that one might want the pads up at the front of the keyboard for finger-drumming, but what about us clumsy oafs who are basically guaranteed to mash two or three of them when playing using the wheels? I like to rest the base of my palm on the surface below them to precisely control the mod amount.

    That said though, I can’t help but imagine using the pads on that V49 with a chord memory VST or something to emulate the chord organs of yore.

    1. I have an m-audio with the wheels above the keys, basically just cup the corner with your palm and your thumb is right there…i’d rather do it like that and save space on a compact controller.

  2. Congratulations Alesis, the first company smart enough to put the drum pads at the front. With a simple computer set up with a pc keyboard and mouse at the front, and a keyboard behind them, pads on most controllers like Akai’s end up being too far away. You end up bending over just a bit too far to play them.. But right next to the keyboard makes so much more sense. Not a fan of the pitch bend and mod wheels though. A Roland style joystick would be better at that position.

    1. Well,I always thought the Akai keys/pads things can be turned sideways like if you have them on the end of the table just stand at the corner so the pads are on the front? I don’t know maybe that doens’t work in practice, I dont have one. These look pretty good though , anybody starting out looking for pad and keys is going to get one of these.

  3. Cheap as in plastic disposable crap. If I wanted a plastic feeling keyboard, I’d break out my Mirage… LOL! Seems like this is real all Akai does these days. Really a shame as they used to make some nice hardware.

  4. I don’t mind gear aimed more at small or bedroom studios than the rigors of the road, but the acid test will still be how they feel. If its a loose or clattering build, it deserves a wrecking ball. If its relatively solid, I’d be genuinely interested. I like what I have, but its also not fully in the Zone I prefer. I’m still looking for a controller that feels as good as my workstations. Let’s see some reviews.

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