43 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer (Winter NAMM Teaser)

  1. I know this might seem trivial, but when the heck is Moog going to get a different case/design for their synths? This is the third recycle of the phatty case. Even though most Moogs look somewhat similar, they had something that differentiated them from one another. The Phatty never looked “sexy” to me and seems cumbersome to transport in that it sticks out like it does. (this was posted on another thread, but I meant it to be this one)

        1. Ha, right, exactly. Looks like others thought the same the thing when they saw that photo. Can’t they display the new Moog with a famous musician or a hot chick? Anything but a couple of vapid hipsters.

    1. “because average people can’t even afford moogs…”
      Do they cost more than cars? Because plenty of “average people” are able to afford cars.

      1. You can’t ride a moog to work……completely different uses from an economic point of view – in theory cars should be profitable (ie – I can only make x without a car, I can make y with a car and if the difference of y-x is greater than the cost of the car ) this is why most people take loans out for them. No one should ever take a loan out to buy a keyboard – so the comment about the average pereson is true.

        1. But can you buy a Moog from the difference between the car one needs and the car one buys? Maybe you see buying a car as a strictly rational purchase, but can you say that for the “average person”?
          I don’t have a car, I don’t need a car, but I do have a Moog. There’s no such thing as a single universal economic point of view.

  2. Honestly, this synth look beautiful to me. I better start saving because I love the concept and it’s one of the most complete Moog synths ever.

  3. I dunno if you guys checked the sonic state youtube channel, but they got a nice review there. To me, this means I’m starting to save up. It is not polyphonic, but it seems amazing. And the guy from moog made sure to promise a whole lot more when it is finally ready, and all the more, for it’s size, and capabilities, I don’t think it is too expensive, considering it is a Moog product, if they stay around the 1500 USD that they mention on the video. I feel excited, because this really has the look and the tricks to be my first moog synth. =)

    1. What I really find funny in your comment is how you are snobbing the Sub37 exactly the same way that you loathe people for snobbing the A4 Keys.

  4. Really nice!

    It’s going to get a whole lot nicer too. (Step sequencer, swing, etc.) All in a cute little package.

    For those who get this as a first synth you’ll be spoiled because they really have the most excellent build quality, and “that” sound! And a lot of fun just to play with. That’ll take the snobbery right out of ya if you’ve got any.

  5. Watched the demo video with Sonic and Amos… Having bought my Sub Phatty when it came out last year for $1000; when Amos said ‘less than $1500’, I felt like Moog punched me right in the balls!

  6. Slam a brother for wearing a beret? When you get thin up top there are only so many stylish options sort of replacement surgery.

    On the synth topic (as this is not the GQ website after all)…
    I have never been crazy about the back of the LP. I would have preferred a folding design similar to the Voyager, but that would add cost. They will, no doubt, be reviled by some for not making this available for $499 street. Seems to me that this will be a killer little lead/bass machine with lots of flexible modulation, a sequence function,16 banks of 16 presets, and classic front panel design. I am so pleased that it has a black panel with silver faced knobs, as God intended.

    Well done. I feel a Moog coming on.

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