21 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-1 OS Update

  1. The OP-1 is its own thing. It seems to have a very versatile & unique feature set. And it seems crazy clever.

    For the the lack of velocity made it unappealing to me, but the tank-like build and odd-ball nature of it are quite cool.

  2. Got one as a gift and I really like it. Sure there’s things it can’t do but what it can do is extremely clever. It also does things quite a few synths can’t and it’s jammed full of interesting features like the gyroscope sensor.

    The level of commitment overall that Teenage Engineering have shown in OS updates for OP-1 has been close to fantastic. There are practical and useful features and bug fixes I wish they’d address. They have addressed some. The new features i.e. Sequencers, synths, effects are just awesome. It’s great that they keep expanding o this great instrument.

    1. The latest OS update from last fall got rid of the noisy output problem, which was introduced in the update before that… It’s still quite a unique synth!

      1. Not *really* true.. Some of the noise is from the DAC but MUCH of the noise comes from the algorithms of the synths and fx programmed into the device. Even after this update I still hear a shit ton of noise… Which is completely gone when I export my songs via usb. Harumph.

        1. Sorry to hear that.. At ohpeewon.com there’s a lot of threads with solutions to the problem, including using headphone amplifiers or different headphones, and disabling USB charging. Suppose u tried all that? I haven’t heard complaints about the output recently after the update. The line-in, however, is not very quiet, unfortunately.

  3. The OP-1 is literally one of my favorite pieces of musical gear I have ever come across. I get so much enjoyment and can find inspiration in it every time I use it. Whenever I or a friend plays with it, they are not put off by any limitations, but instead are mesmerized by its depth. The software updates for this thing are really incredible and add new life to a device that already feels as young and fresh as the day I got it. I really respect TE’s commitment to making the OP-1 something special. It hasn’t sat in its case for more than a few days in three years.

  4. Love my OP-1. But, I wish there was a simple quantizing looper in the sequencer section. Maybe something with overdub. Endless is a nice sequencer, but something a bit more freeform and polyphonic would be nice.

  5. Jesus I feel like Im party pooping today. Hoping some better NAMM news comes out, Im outta town this year. Im so interested in the OP1 but everyone has this description like its a dog with one leg, but that one leg works pretty good.

    1. I would describe it as a dog with six legs. Listing the stuff a OP-1 can´t do is silly… What other instrument can do all the stuff the OP-1 can do?

      1. Yea agreed! What are people comparing the OP-1 to in order to come up with the short comings? A full DAW? Then I guess, yea, it falls a little short. With that logic, my electric guitar seems a little feature-less and so does my drum set.

    2. Eh? It’s by far the most inspiration instrument I’ve ever owned.

      I have to send my in to SW for a small repair, and I’m dreading being without it. I’ve got like 8 other hardware synths, big beefy things, and yet the one instruments I truly can’t imagine being without is the OP-1. While its gone, my studio will feel empty.

      Why do so many people focus on a thing’s shortcomings rather than on a thing’s strengths?

  6. A person with limited funds might be weighing the pros & cons of an OP-1 vs an iPad (plus apps, plus MIDI controller, i/o, etc.). I think that is a worthwhile comparison to think through– though (OF COURSE) they are radically different animals.

    I took the iPad path and could easily tick off a bunch of annoying cons, and a bunch of fantastic pros.

    Still it is hard not to feel a bit envious of you OP-1 owners. It’s a fascinating piece of gear.

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