Arturia Spark 2 Announced


2014 NAMM Show: Arturia has announced Spark 2.0, featuring a new interface that allows users to add and subtract modules (including oscillators, multimode filters and Karplus-Strong filter, ADR envelopes, LFOs, mixers, ring modulator, Bode Frequency Shifter, spring mass, and CV processor); create their own patch routings; and assign up to six macro controls for immediate control.

Spark’s fully-modular VA (Virtual Analogue) sound engine adds 50 new kits, including no fewer than 800 new instruments, that span more musical genres than ever before. The kits come complete with 32 patterns that can be used by themselves or to form the basis of user-programmed beats.


  • All new graphics:
    • Tabbed pages
    • Expanded Pattern edit screen
    • New mixer
    • Enhanced Library page for better data management
  • Extended REX support:
    • REX file playback per pad
    • Manipulation of REX File slices.
  • Modular Drum synth editor:
    • Create your own patches
    • Edit existing patches
  • Create custom instrument macro controls modules including:
    • Oscillators
    • Multimode filters and Karplus strong filter
    • ADR envelopes
    • LFOs
    • Mixers
    • RingModulator
    • Bode Frequency Shifter
    • Spring mass
    • CV processor
  • Song mode:
    • NEW 16 song segments
    • Song segment triggering from hardware

Spark 2 is expected to be available in March 2014. Existing Spark and SparkLE users will be able to download Spark 2 for free. Spark Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE Creative Drum Machine can be purchased for $399 or $299, respectively. See the Arturia site for details.

24 thoughts on “Arturia Spark 2 Announced

    1. infuriating eLicensing program? Most professional studios seem to manage, I have been using it for 10 years (Cubase user) with no problems. You are going to miss out on some great stuff if you have an irrational fear of copy protection (Spark uses a soft elicence, no dongle)

    2. I didn’t have to buy a dongle for Spark – if that’s what your talking about .
      All I did was create an account – enter my serial # ( It was a second hand machine from ebay – owner deleted his account ) – The authorization # pops up and you enter that when you first install or after you drive yourself crazy playing with the demo.

  1. “Existing Spark and SparkLE users will be able to download Spark 2 for free.” That’s what I love about Arturia. They update their softsynths on a regular basis, and not just for half a year after publication. AND users are provided with great upgrades like this free of charge. Thanks Arturia, you are the best!

  2. Yet another computer dependant midi controller. Really lost on those of us using MPC’s etc.
    Looks great until you quickly realise it makes no sounds etc , and it all comes thru the computer,
    Why not use reason?

  3. Yeh, MPC’s like Maschine Studio etc…Oh, hang on a minute….

    This isn’t an MPC, its a VST drum machine you can use with or without a controller….

  4. Last year I chose Sparkle over all others and purchased.
    I have been delighted by this machine from day one, and this
    Upgrade only makes me happier. thank you Arturia

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  6. The Spark and SparkLE are awesome. The software is really good. It’s a little on the bloated side for processor use…but, no real complaints. Really great sounding samples and sound generation math at work..
    The old version is awesome. Spark 2 looks even better by a long shot. I can’t wait…
    That being said: It’s March. March 20. And I AM waiting.
    ‘Hope it shows up soon.
    Regarding the eliscenser debate above. I understand the reason for secure registration. It is, however a giant pain in the ass if ANYTHING goes wrong. Hard Drive crash? Expect to wait two weeks before someone issues you a new key as your original won’t work anymore. It’s not a great system because the support is not there (at least not in a timely manner).

  7. Guys, they’re apparently discontinuing the full Spark hardware and putting the LE version out at a huge discount. In the meanwhile Arturia remains silent on new hardware updates and I NEED a drummachine like… NOW. What do you sapient beings advise me to do? Should I run and get the Spark we know right now? Should I wait for a new hardware version to come out? I don’t want to/can’t wait six months for the hardware! I have the Spark Vintage software but it fees like I’m missing out on all the workflow without the hardware!

  8. I’m planning on getting Spark LE. I’ve been looking for something to accompany my Volca Bass and I think I’ve found it. I really really hope Arturia bring the Spark software out on the Ipad so I can use the full Spark LE set up with the Ipad too as that would be ace!!

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