16 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Keys Overview From the Winter NAMM Show

  1. I’m beginning to grow weary of all these reasonably priced, full featured, and warm sounding analogue synthesizers. When is somebody gonna recreate some bright, harsh, and cheezy sounding 80’s digital synths?

    1. I’m not feeling weary of affordable analog gear at all, but I agree that 80’s inspired synth could be interesting. Unfortunately many people interested in synths tend to think, that everything not-analog is somehow inferior or “soulless”.
      Today I’ve spent some time with friend’s Korg EX-800 – keyboard less Poly800 – and it has great distinct sound, nothing like analog. Casio’s phase distortion synths also have some unique sonic character. A bit of digital flavour doesn’t hurt – it’s just like another color in palette.
      Personally, I would like to see modern incarnation of my CZ-101, or something taking its concept bit further, but keeping it’s focus and form factor.

      1. I agree that there will probably be some good digitals on the way. I grew up with analogues, Jens,Korgs,Mc202’s, 106’setc I use analogues now along with digital gear like the Roland JP8080,Korg Z1 etc It is what what you get out of the gear sound wise , it seems some people getting really anal about analogue purism ,aren’t people who have a 20 0r 30 year history with synthesizers.The early problem for me with digital was always the lack of real time control and filters(then along came the Roland JD 800) ,I remember buying a Kawai k1m, it sounded beautiful then I thought I was loosing the plot when I couldn’t find the filters or portomento. I bought a CZ101 , it was great synth that was very useable.
        Does anyone remember Vince Clarke on the front of Music Technology (?) with 3 cz 101’s.
        Dave Smith stood is ground recently when asked about digital synths, digital can do some great things that analogue can’t do and vice versa. We all tend to master to digital and also we mainly listen via digital.
        I like hardware because it is solid and reliable and with a synthesizer panel full of knobs and sliders I can shape sound quickly and very precisely.
        Synthesizers last a long long time if looked after ,as piles of computers,laptops,ipads etc gather dust as they are obsolete and superseded.(what version of Ipad is there now?)
        This is one of the most exciting times for synthesizers etc , I am 46 and got my first synth 30 years ago.
        I have no interest in modulars personally , although I have been lucky enough to use a moog modular and also so a roland modular, the patch cables get in the way and you can’t store patches. (bloody expensive for such irritating downsides)
        The Roland Alpha Juno 1 was a favourite and certainly the Roland juno 106.

    2. I would totally buy a Sid(C64) / 2A03(Nes) type synth with as much control as the Sub37.

      Also Casio should totally hire the S-Cat guy.

    3. You thought that was “warm” sounding? About as warm as an Alpha-Juno. Actually, on second thought, not even close. Sounds like a Tetra.

      1. I understand where you’re coming from, but you need to understand that it was the mid-90’s when I discovered synthesizers. So my ears haven’t been exposed to as many VCOs, VCAs ect. as yours. So yes, that sounds warmer to me than my OP1, iOS synths, and my analog modeling Yamaha CS80.

        1. OK. Just to be clear, I wasn’t implying it sounded “bad” in any way, to me it just had that sort of fuzzy, crystalline, sound of 80’s DCO “analog” synths like the Alpha-Juno or the JX-3P. I have nothing against DCO’s, in fact they are a necessary part of my synth palette. My guess is that Elektron’s new “analog” synth is DCO, like the Dave Smith stuff. These companies should really clarify that because, to my ears, VCO and DCO are two different beasts altogether, even if the oscillators are analog in origin.

  2. The digital craze is right around the corner. Just watch.

    Anyhow, try making Korg Wavestation sounds or Blofeld sounds in an A4. Not going to happen.

    1. aren’t soft syjth VST’s the digital craze you speak off?, there really is much point bringing out hardware versions of digital synths any more.

      1. Indeed! It’s why I love iOS music synths 🙂 Hardware still has a place for it tho. I think the meeblips are one good example, and the OP-1 just to name a couple on a smaller scale.

  3. in 2014, “keyboard” player spend more time touching knobs and faders than the actual keyboard during a song! if you can called that a song. enjoy the decline!

  4. sounds ok, the knobs (from the video) look like they have that nice nouvou rubbery thing going on…. but is it just me, or does the chassis look like the bought off the remaining Emu EMAX boxes? looks like you could get a mean razor cut running your hands against the side….

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