The Biggest TR-808 Drum Machine Pack Ever Released

tr-808-sample-libraryZenhiser has introduced TR-808 Drum Machine, a new sample library that they say is “The Biggest TR-808 Drum Machine Pack Ever Released.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We really went to town with the drum sampling of this 808 drum machine, developing new techniques of takes with altering decay and tone times to give you the music producer as much control as if you actually owned this awesome drum machine. Every preset has been sampled to perfection and quickly folder’d for ease of use so all you need to do is assign the drum samples to your DAW or sampler and voila, you have an authentic Roland TR-808 right there in your studio, ready to use and abuse!

To make the package even sweeter we spent hours creating similar versions of authentic drum beats from the decades ranging in bpm from 88 to 170, over 560 drum loops in total, now that’s a huge library of drum loops any producer in EDM or retro freak can not refuse. Just have a look at the specs below to see how comprehensive this drum machine pack really is, and as far as we know there is no other 808 sample pack this dedicated, detailed and comprehensive anywhere in the world.

TR-808 Drum Machine Specs:

  • 808 Drum Loops – 561 loops
  • 808 Bass Drums – 240 samples
  • 808 Claps – 16 samples
  • 808 Clave – 16 samples
  • 808 Conga Low – 36 samples
  • 808 Conga Medium – 36 samples
  • 808 Conga High – 36 samples
  • 808 Cow Bell – 16 samples
  • 808 Cymbal – 72 samples
  • 808 Hi Hat Open – 36 samples
  • 808 Hi Hat Closed – 16 samples
  • 808 Maraca – 16 samples
  • 808 Rim Shot – 16 samples
  • 808 Snare – 216 samples
  • 808 Tom Low – 36 samples
  • 808 Tom Medium – 36 samples
  • 808 Tom High – 36 samples

TR-808 Drum Machine is available at Zennhiser for AU $35. Audio previews are available at the site (Hint: It sounds like an 808).

10 thoughts on “The Biggest TR-808 Drum Machine Pack Ever Released

  1. This will compliment my Sonic Faction 303 perfectly! It’s pretty awesome that companies have taken the time to meticulously sample the classics, now people with not much money like me can afford to 808/303 jam 🙂
    +1 to technology!

  2. 1.2 GB is like a lot…how long it takes for you to decide between 240 kicks? my case, by the time I’m choosing the cymbals…I already forgot what was I looking for…..

  3. …and with this, we can make shit sound almost like… YAY a 30 years old budget drum machine!

    …that has been sampled to death for almost 20 years

  4. Those analog drum machines produced the few same sounds, over and over, with very little variation. Little momentary blips, simple tones. Even the patterns were limited, locked to grid, with 16 steps.
    If they could have been samplers, they would have been.
    How does having a high-res sample of every possible variation of every sound differ from having the real thing in the slightest, studio audio wise? If you could not pass an A/B guessing test with any greater accuracy than random coin flips? (Wait, one of them sounds a little noisier and has pot crackle when I turn the knob!)
    The real deal is fun for live use, and as a conversation piece. But as studio gear? I’d rather have one of those new Aira boxes in my setup. Beats software, and beats the original hardware.

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