Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer Update

2014 NAMM Show: This video, via keyboardmag1, offers an update on the Radikal Technologies Accelerator synthesizer.

The Accelerator is an 8-voice virtual analog, with a very powerful synth engine. Each voice consists of three oscillators, two multimode filters, 6 envelope generators, three voice LFOs and one section LFO. Phasemodulation, time linearity modulation, oscillator synchronisation, ringmodulation, sweepable waveforms and a unique modulation and audio matrix allow for a much bigger spectrum fexibility than the analog subtractive synthesizer counterpart.

An additional noise source with independent multimode filtering and variable signal routing has been added for more sonic flexibility. A three band full parametric EQ per voice is a perfect addition to the engine to place that instrument right into the mix. A very nice balanced lightweight keyboard with 61 keys, keyboard split option, aftertouch and velocity sensitivity rounds out the synthesizer.

Details on the Accelerator are available at the Radikal site.

5 thoughts on “Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer Update

  1. They have struggled to sell this amazing synth since introduction. The issues are many, yet mainly it is that Jurgen runs Radikal like a grocer would, and his unprofessional demeanour and inability to properly market this synth does not help matters.

    And the presumption that you would dedicate your iPad to aid editing the synth is rather presumptuous.

    Jurgen, I advised you then during production and it is now evident, had you simply installed a large LCD screen to simplify the editing, this synth would have sold on par with the Virus.

  2. I like Jurgens demeanour. Certainly refreshing to talk with a human, instead of meaningless official responses. I welcome one such boutique in synth market, especially when the product is this good. (I don’t yet have any of their synths, but Accelerator seems to be the best synth for my needs. I just keep forgetting it exists!).

    I would have preferred big screen, but the screens effect on sales is not eviden’t. Is there an iPad editor?!? It would help to seal the deal for me, it would be a redemption for that screen.

    1. I think at issue is that the implementation of a 4″ High Res LCD screen per unit cost is about $60 in low quantity runs. A touch screen depending on quality and features would be about $75. That is a nominal cost for a synth of this sophistication. Furthermore, if you are not providing knob per function then I think it becomes imperative to provide visual feedback.

      It is 2014, perhaps some synth maker will finally put the two together. If an iPad or computer screen has become ubiquitous in synth editing, then perhaps it should be simply implemented within the design.

      And I was not suggesting that the size of the screen is at the heart of the issue, just another compounding factor. And I do love the precision and compulsion behind the sound engine.

  3. Oh I hoped for a new Firmware for my Accelerator und the long awaited 1.5 Update for the Spectralis 1, but until now, nothing happened on the Website 🙁

    I love the Sound of both Products and everytime I use them, there are new things to discover!

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