Aerodrums Brings Motion Capture To Music

At the 2014 NAMM Show, Aerodrums introduced the Aerodrums Air Drumming Percussion Instrument – a motion capture controlled virtual instrument.

The key advantage are portability and silent operation. It also lets you create custom drum kits, using your own samples, so it could be used in creative ways to trigger any type of sounds.

Aerodrums runs on your computer and captures your drumming ‘intent’ by watching you drum through a high speed camera. The computer translates this into control of a virtual drum set. 

You will need a Windows computer and a Sony Playstation 3 Eye camera to run Aerodrums. The minimum specifications for the computer are as follows: Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz with dedicated graphics card, operating system: Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

Aerodrums is available in the US on for $160. For more info, see the Aerodrums site.

7 thoughts on “Aerodrums Brings Motion Capture To Music

  1. Impressive! Not as inexpensive as Leap, and more specific in function, but really cool.

    I wonder if it includes (or will include) some additional functions like mallet keyboards, theremin, et. From the demo it seems to track velocity– which I imagine is a pretty sophisticated process.

    BTW, it looks like riding a bicycle is a new staple of the promo vid. That’s ok. I like bikes. The original analog mode of transportation. Lots of wow.

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