Jon Hopkins Live At KCRW

Sunday Synth Jam: Jon Hopkins is a London-based electronic composer, producer and remixer, and a long-term collaborator of Brian Eno.

His career has remained unpredictable, taking in collaborations with Wayne MacGregor, King Creosote and David Holmes; remixes for such varied artists as Wild Beasts, Nosaj Thing, James Yorkston, Four Tet and David Lynch; and film scores for directors including Peter Jackson and Gareth Edwards.

This video captures his performance live in the KCRW studios.

12 thoughts on “Jon Hopkins Live At KCRW

    1. Well, “the Ableton part” is what he made off his studio production to be able to play it live with just his two hands. In fact, his production and song writing ethics and workflow are quite interesting and unique. So, no, it is not just “generic”.

  1. I’ve been hooked on Jon Hopkins since his “insides” album and his latest album has amped-up his status with me. He’s worked on a couple of Eno albums, so you know, if he likes him, there be something there – and it’s true.

    Thanks for this clip! I’ve been wanting to catch him during his tour, so this is the next best thing.

  2. This is great. I really enjoy Jon Hopkins work.
    I must confess after watching the video I am left wondering how he is using the KP3’s. I also have a slight case of gear lust.

    1. Looks like he’s using the KP3s to simply do some glitch and manipulation of sounds. It’s more of a digital DJ approach while still doing a performance and adding subtle variety to each time he does it. I dig it.

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