Ototo Lets You Turn Anything Into A Synthesizer


The Ototo is an experimental PCB-based synthesizer, created by design and invention studio Dentaku. We originally covered the Ototo in Nov 2013 as a design concept. Now it is moving into production as a crowd-funded Kickstarter project.

Ototo allows you to combine sensors, inputs and touchpads to create your own electronic musical instrument. Ototo is designed to let anyone unpack a kit and interact with sound however they want to, no soldering or coding required.


  • 12 key capacitive touch keyboard (1 octave) with connectors
  • 4 sensor inputs, 5V analog input
  • Onboard speaker and 3.5mm headphone output
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries or micro USB
  • No coding required
  • 128 Mbit Flash memory

Here’s the official intro video:

The project is already about 20% of the way to its funding goal. The Ototo is available to backers for £45. See the project site for more info.

8 thoughts on “Ototo Lets You Turn Anything Into A Synthesizer

  1. When it gets too easy hipsters start ripping off cool shit, when hipsters rip off cool shit a giant cobra eats your girlfriend, don’t end up single because of hipsters who can’t solder.

  2. not only does it really not synth but more or less trigger, it’s really easy to accomplish what they are trying to do. I take any audio, drop it into a sampler, set the sample to loop after set time, set the time to a distance so short it self oscillates, any sound becomes a synth…

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