Who Needs DAWs When You Have MS-DOS?

This video captures a performance of Aquarius, from the YMF262 EP by Diode Milliampere, live in Adlib Tracker II.

Chicago-based Diode Milliampere creates music using Adlib Tracker II, an MS-DOS program which sequences the Yamaha OPL3 chip.

You can listen to YMF262 EP below:

YMF262 is now available on 3.5″ floppy, FLAC and CD-R at DA’s Bandcamp page.

via aymat, gizmodo

14 thoughts on “Who Needs DAWs When You Have MS-DOS?

  1. As I said on the FB page, I used to use Sequencer Plus Pro, also a DOS program and I have nothing but good memories of it. I would even use it today if I had saved that computer.

  2. My first DAW was a tracking program called BUZZ. It was/is free, and was initially programmed by one guy name JESKOLA. Eventually all sorts of people started creating “machines” you could add to Buzz, for free. Trackers are amazing for making you learn every detail of sound design, synthesis, and sequencing. In retrospect I can see that using a tracker taught a lot.

    1. Buzz is still being updated (after several years of down-time from the crash and source lost). It’s better than ever and probably one of the best trackers around. I still use it regularly!

  3. I can’t believe Buzz is alive again! I stopped checking for updates years ago. Buzz was my first foray into computer music and it was an amazingly powerful program. So glad to hear it is back! I will definitely be installing it on my crappy laptop!

  4. My first DAW was “Texture”, a MS DOS-based sequencer product written by Roger Powell (Todd Rundgren keyboard player, Apple, etc.). It ran anything MIDI thru the old Roland MPU-401 interface. Pretty powerful in its day (early 90s). Good times.

  5. sooo…

    what’s so special about this? I composed stuff with Adlib tracker 2, fast tracker 2, scream tracker 3 and later on with carillon (gba tracker) in the 90’s. lots of other people did it too – especially those in the demoscene.

    trackers are vastly superior in TRACKING compared to the horrible sequencers of modern day DAW’s. they are the ultimate tools for creating patterns and composing

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