Audulus 2.6 Intros Three New Nodes

Developer Taylor Holliday has released Audulus 2.6, the latest version of his software modular synthesizer for Mac & the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in Audulus 2.6:

Audulus 2.6 adds three new nodes: FeedbackDelay, Mux8, and Demux8.

FeedbackDelay allows you to control where a delay occurs in a feedback loop. Because a feedback loop creates a circular dependency between nodes, a delay must be introduced. Audulus indicates where the delay is by showing a “z” on a delayed input. By inserting a FeedbackDelay node in a feedback loop, the delay will be moved to the FeedbackDelay node, allowing you to control precisely where the delay occurs.

Mux8 and Demux8 are 8-way multiplexers and demultiplexers (respectively). Mux8’s selector input (“sel”) controls which of the 8 inputs is routed to the output. Demux8’s selector input controls which of the 8 outputs receives the signal from the input. Both nodes are part of the new Switch Pack upgrade.

Audulus is available in the App Store for iPad and in the Mac App Store for OS X.

7 thoughts on “Audulus 2.6 Intros Three New Nodes

  1. Audulus just gets better and better. I love the developer’s commitment to constantly adding more value to this synth. Its such a nice breath of fresh air when considering many of my soft synths hardly ever get updates with bug fixes, let alone new capabilities. Very excited to check out the new modules! Thanks for the update!

  2. Very cool, that’s a clever way to represent delays in a synth network! Cycles in node graphs can be a bit of head scratcher so it’s nice to see what’s going on so clearly marked. I also like the UI on the mux/demux nodes, I’ll have to try those out. Can’t wait for the iphone version! (I’m still a tablet holdout…)

  3. Yeah the light up markers on the Muxers are very cool, would love to see more of that on other nodes. I look forward to seeing what kind of awesome patches show up on the forum with these new nodes. On the iPad this app is a great balance between power and usability.

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