Richard Devine Interview On Art + Music + Technology


The latest episode of the Art+Music+Technology podcast features composer and sound designer Richard Devine.

Host Darwin Grosse talks with Devine about how he got hooked on electronic music, and his move from software/laptop performance into modular synth performance.

You can listen to the interview via the embed below or at the A+M+T site:

Episode Summary:

One of the things I’ve noticed with many of the interviews I’ve seen with Richard is that they focus on his gear and the contents of his studio, but little is written/shown on how he creates his music or how he accomplishes his sound design. And his work is impeccible.

Since he was willing to do a podcast conversation, I decided to focus on The Creative Man rather than The Gear, and the result is that we get some insight into Richard’s creative process that is really important.

Of course, we still talk gear a bit – I mean, we are only human! But hearing about Richard’s trek into electronic music (the story about the ‘4 crates of albums’ is awesome) as well as his current process of moving from software to hardware, we get to hear of a dedicated learner and a constant seeker.

Super inspiring, and apt to make you reflect on your own approach.

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  1. Cool Richard is a legend and helped engineer some amazing tools. Worked on things the rest of the industry snobs would thumb their noses at. Noses that need stuff uppercut.

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