LIVKONTROL Turns Your Android Device Into An Ableton Live Controller


LIVKONTROL – an Ableton Live controller previously available for iOS – is now available for Android devices.

Here’s what the developers have to say about it:

LIVKONTROL aims to deliver the best possible experience controlling Ableton Live remotely. Boasting an extremely simple yet functional design, all the main control features are at a distance of a finger. Alternative application views are toggled via multitouch gestures for a even simpler usage experience.

LIVKONTROL is also considered by users as the easier and most responsive Ableton Live remote controller for mobile devices due to it’s plug & play connection to Ableton Live, using LKBRIDGE.


  • Remotely control your Live session
  • Easy to set up
  • Scrollable viewport for full scene access
  • Scene launch buttons with scene name
  • Clips reflect color, name, play status and position
  • 8 MIDI sliders for custom MIDI assignment
  • Mute, stop, solo and arm tracks
  • Control track volumes and pan easily in a and space saving format
  • Interface lock feature
  • Song play, stop, record and tempo control
  • Metronome control
  • Tempo tap up and down
  • Quantization selection


In order to use LIVKONTROL, it is necessary to download and install LKBRIDGE, the required connection software. Windows and Mac OSX version are available.

LIVKONTROL for Android is available now, with a free version, a $9.99 basic version and a $29.99 Pro version.

If you’ve used LIVKONTROL for Android, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

5 thoughts on “LIVKONTROL Turns Your Android Device Into An Ableton Live Controller

  1. I tested it yesterday. It was quite complicated to install, but it works. The free version is very limited. I won’t buy the full version since I prefer hardware controller anyway, but it was nice to give it a try.

  2. Question:
    What about the Latency-Issues on Android Devices? Did they fix that, so there is no more Lag?
    I bought an old iPhone 3GS to use MusicApps (mainly for the Propellerhead Ones), because i have read somewhere, that Android Apps always have high Latency, no matter how good the App is programmed, but i don’t like Apple as a Company (for all the obvious Reasons).
    Can i switch already?

    1. It is true that the Android platform will always be less responsive compared to the iOS since it is programmed in Java. All apps have to make way through the abstraction layers, thru the Dalvik VM before anything is going down. That said, it has definitely improved alot over the two latest iterations of the OS (JB, KK).

      however, there’s a far more important point to this – what are you using the controller for?
      A practiced pianist can tell if the response of an electronic instrument is delayed but a few mS. When all you do is launching clips and moving faders, you wont be noticing anything and ill bet that wifi dropouts will be your main culprit.

  3. The notorious latency issue was with apps that generate audio, which Livcontrol is not. I’ve been using TouchOSC with my galaxy tab 2 and had really nice response. Also the audio generating app latency is getting acceptable, while still behind iDevices. Which is silly because i have quad core phone with 2 gigs of ram.

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