Stereo Designer For iPad Now Available

Holderness Media has released Stereo Designer for iPad – a multi-purpose stereo shaping tool for Audiobus and Inter-app Audio.

Stereo Designer lets you create unique wide stereo images, ‘stereoize’ a mono sound source, apply mid/side processing, independent high and low pass filters per channel, and more:

Process synths, drum machines and hundreds of other apps by connecting through Audiobus. Use Stereo Designer as an effect inside Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, and AudioShare using Audiobus or Inter-app audio.

Stereo Designer features two distinct modes:

  • PERFORM mode is focused around four XY touch pads. Touch to control LOW PASS, DELAY, PAN and OUTPUT gain independently for left and right channels.
  • TWEAK mode features large expressive sliders and additional effect parameters, allowing you to fine tune your sound.

In addition to Audiobus and Inter-app Audio support, Stereo Designer can also process external instruments such as guitar, voice and synths by connecting a microphone or an audio interface.


  • Control individual Left/Right channel volume, panning, filter and more.
  • Mid/Side (M/S) processing mode lets you adjust the volume, high and low pass filters for Mid and Side independently.
  • Widen or reduce the stereo width of an input signal.
  • Independent panning position of each channel, allowing for interesting stereo placement.
  • Individual High and Low Pass filter per channel for additional stereo shaping.
  • Phase (polarity) invert Left/Right channels.
  • Isolate the Left or Right channel and manipulate the resulting mono signal.
  • Stereoize mono inputs using individual channel delay + High and Low Pass filters.
  • Sum Left and Right channels to mono.

Here is a complete walk-through of Stereo Designer:

Here is a video demonstration of using Stereo Designer to manipulate the stereo image:

Stereo Designer is available now for $2.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Stereo Designer, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

9 thoughts on “Stereo Designer For iPad Now Available

  1. It’s pretty cool. It’s a pretty boring interface, but functional. The one feature I notice is lacking is the ability to output in M/S mode. In other words send the Mid out as L and Side out as R– for post processing. It would be an additional Mode- L/R to M/S. I’ll submit it as a feature request.

    1. I think you should go to their website and issue a request to compile a version for older OS’s.

      Mid/Side and stereo manipulations really are not that complex. It’s pretty simple. L+R, L-R

      I’m surprised it has taken this long to see an app like this.

  2. Brilliant app, as we’ve come to expect from Holderness. The interface is simple, but you can do incredibly complex things with it. $2.99 is a steal – if you are an iOS user who utilizes effects, snap this one up immediately!

  3. Stereo Designer dev here. Thank you for the feedback guys!

    @Talent123 – Yup, Stereo Designer is perfect when used in combination with multiple apps in Audiobus 2.

    @stub – Thanks for the request, I believe we just chatted via email a little while ago. I’ll definitely consider this for a future update!

    @Nono – Yes, iOS 7 only. Sorry to bear the bad news to you.

    @AsaMilibankx – Thanks man! 🙂

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