Mixvibes Updates Cross DJ For Android

Mixvibes has announced the release of an update to its Cross DJ app for Android.

Mixvibes’ Community Manager Theo Malleval commented on the update, ” We are very proud of this app because we managed to include numerous pro DJ features, which is rare in current Android DJ apps.”

Cross DJ v 1.2 features include: Cross-DJ-Android_Mobile_Slip-Loops

  • Navigation by folder
  • Possibility to use the app with an hardware mixer (see demonstration video, above).
  • New cool features: advanced pitch control, autogain, History, new DJM EQs, HTC One support, etc.
  • “Important” performance improvements

Pricing and Availability. The Mixvibes Cross DJ update v 1.2 is free and available now via the Google Play site, and new users can pay 3.99 Euro / $4.99 / £3.29 for the full version.

11 thoughts on “Mixvibes Updates Cross DJ For Android

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  1. Hi I have Cross Dj full version on my android tablet. It’s great and all but I was wondering if something like a Numark Mixtrack could
    Fully control the app, jog wheels and everything.
    Please reply

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