CVToolbox Offers 24 LFOs, 16 EGs, 24 Mod Matrices

CV-toolboxKissBox has introduced the CVToolbox – a complete standalone synthesizer control engine, that replaces up to 24 Low Frequency Oscillators, 16 Envelope Generators, and 24 modulation matrices.

The CVToolbox is designed to work with any vintage or modern analog machine, modular or desktop format. You can then keep the space in your synthesizer rack for signal generation and processing modules, and control these modules directly by the CVToolbox.

The CVToolbox can be used in a completely standalone mode (controlled by a MIDI keyboard over RTP-MIDI, no computer being involved in the control scheme), but it can be used also as an expansion module for musical software like Max/MSP. You can then generate any control signal in the computer and send them to your hardware synthesizer in real-time, with full 16 bits precision.

A VST control plugin is also available, which allows you to control directly your analog synthesizer from any modern sequencer or Digital Audio Workstation.

Each output of the CVToolbox supports 14 different operating modes, and can be assigned for polyphonic usage.


  • Standalone HD control engine for analog synthesizers, with integral 32 bits processing paths
  • Transforms any analog machine into a fully programmable system
  • No computer or extra module required to generate control signals
  • Replaces 24 LFO, 16 ADBSSR EG and 24 modulations matrices
  • Preconfigured matrices for VCO, VCF and VCA control
  • 14 functions available on each output, with 8 voices polyphony support (VCO Control, VCF Control, VCA Control, LFO1/2/3, EG1/2, Note Gate, Resonance Control, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Gate)
  • 16 bits outputs (0V to 10V) without sample/hold for maximum signal purity
  • Direct integration in Max/MSP with a dedicated object, in order to generate control signals from Max/MSP in real-time (for example, using a ~adsr object)
  • VST plugin used as Editor/Librarian, for direct integration in sequencers and Digital Audio Workstations”

The CVToolbox is expected to be available March 1, 2014. Pricing is TBA. See the KissBox site for details.

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      1. In practice, only 4 voices because generally you need gate? poor connectivity compared to MS-812 from Alyseum. Personnaly I prefer keep my analog Oscillo and ADSR, CV by computer that’s OK, but the rest remains analog, which makes the richness of sound.
        A product between two chairs?

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