The Doctor Who Theme, On Theremin

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Lydia Kavina, captures a live performance of the classic Doctor Who theme, by thereminist Lydia Kavina and Radio Science Orchestra.

Theme from film Doctor Who composed by Ron Grainer. Live recording from TED Global Conference.

17 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Theme, On Theremin

  1. Why the negativity…it didn’t sound sucky to me. Seriously, what is the reason for the nasty reaction? I just would like to find out why this performance would not be impressive.

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    • It is not negativity. The second reply is telling the first comment his sucking technique is not impressive, or it could be the other way around.

      Be reassured those comments have nothing to do with this amazing lady and her instrument.

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  2. Im sitting hre watching the video like “this blowing my mind” only to read all the negative comments. Why even comment. Its like being the guy who goes to the amusement park only to say how much it sucks to be in an amusement park. Keep yo ass home and hate your life behind closed doors. That was got dam awesome!

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  3. I actually had the opportunity to meet Lydia long ago when I first arrived in Germany. She really is the “master of the Theremin”.
    Fun performance I thought! I always loved the combination of acoustic and electronic sounds.

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  4. I love the idea and enthusiasm, but overall the arrangement did feel rather clumsy… that being said I’d love to do something fun like this with that sort of instrumentation

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  5. I thought the harp sounded cool. Was it electric? Also what was the futuristic air synth thing the other person was playing?

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  6. I play the theremin and I can tell you that was not a clumsy performance at all. There was a lot of slow glides, but that was obviously purposeful to the material. I only spotted a couple of mistakes, other than that she was playing very snappy, sometimes between multiple different octaves. I am curious what type of theremin she is using.

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  7. Would it help a performer if there was a visual tuner of some sort, could that contribute a Theremin player getting more grip to tuning? Knowing there’s a very romantic side to the Theremin.. specially old plays..

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  8. The orchestra. are kinda great… Is that not Bruce Wooley of Buggles fame playing the Klingon Harp?
    It’s very hard to make the octave jumps that she does and stay in tune, which she carried off pretty well . Overall though the tuning was a little sloppy as was the timing which affected the overall performance IMO.

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