Stroke Machine Update Includes ‘Subdued’ Color Palette, More

Franke_StrokeMachine_SoundPageWolfram Franke (Waldorf) has announced an update to his groove synthesizer for iPad, Stroke Machine.

Franke says, “Stroke Machine V1.0.2 contains lots of bug fixes, improvements and new additions. One of the most important features especially for customers with older iPads is an adjustable audio buffer size to up to 1024 samples for a much better performance.”

The update also includes Inter-App Audio, Virtual MIDI, MIDI Clock Synchronization, AudioCopy, Kit and Sound sharing, finer value adjustments, among other changes, along with fixes of all reported bugs.

New Features in Stroke Machine V1.0.2 Include:

  • Stroke_Machine_NotePageAdjustable audio buffer size. Setting it to higher values improves performance, which is especially helpful on older iPads.
  • More subtle, “subdued” color scheme.
  • Inter-App Audio added so that Stroke Machine can now act as a node for Inter-App Audio hosts like Garage Band, Cubasis and others.
  • Added Virtual MIDI. Stroke Machine can now receive MIDI messages from iPad MIDI hosts.
  • Added MIDI Clock Synchronization and MIDI Clock Offset parameters in Clocks and Milliseconds.
  • Added Audio Copy for your pattern or performance recordings to process them in other audio apps, along with Audio Paste.
  • Added Share Kit and Share Sound to share your kits or sounds via email or Air Drop.
  • Added FX Bus selection buttons for the currently active sound to the FX page.
  • Improved editing of linear controls.
  • Improved performance and sound of oscillator models Sine, Triangle, Pulse and Sawtooth.
  • Empty Pattern Quick Access slots are now filled with the available preset kits.

Franke adds, “Users will want to download the free app AudioCopy from Retronyms, which assures that the user’s Audio Copy or Paste files keep their names and it allows to manage them.”

Pricing and Availability. Stroke Machine for iPad is available through the Apple app store for $19.99. The update is free.

12 thoughts on “Stroke Machine Update Includes ‘Subdued’ Color Palette, More

    1. I own the Gadget since launch, and bought the Stroke Machine yesterday, too. I would definately recommend the Gadget if you want a complete setup to make tracks, including nice pads, leads etc. The Stroke is much more capable of good and unique beats and drums. But it seems quite hard to get into, compared to the Gadget, where I had good results within minutes.

  1. They sound ‘different’, better is subjective. I have both and think Stroke is a bit more like Analog4 or Tempest VSTi – Gadget is a sort of mini ‘Reason’ . They are both fun and worth the money in MHO – when you put these things out of proper monitor speakers they sound big.

  2. If gadget allowed you to use your own samples I would probably lean towards getting it first because I’d assume that in that case I could probably get close to what I’d get outta stroke machine but I dunno. I’d be using this for progressive instrumental hiphop for the most part

  3. the idea is great, the drum synth is absolutely powerful, with 2 osc with interosc modulations, noise source, click and rattle sources, variable filters, LFO, assignable routings, 4 FX buses, etc.

    but it is so FULL of bugs it renders it almost unusable, it freezes, it jumps to bar 3 when you want to go to bar 2, it loses your sequences, etc

    being the owner of a Waldorf Blofeld, a synth that many years after being launched still have some serious bugs, i should have known the chances of getting an app that was not properly polished were high, but still i gave it a try

    i guess we´ll have to wait
    i just hope the wait is not Blofeld-like long

  4. Wait a minute are you saying that even after this update there are still a bunch of bugs???

    I hope the dev comes to this thread and post, there aren’t enough videos to she’d light on this app and I’m just waiting for a chance to click buy.

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