Korg Gadget Update Adds Audiobus Support, Pro Features


Korg today released an update to Gadget – its virtual studio for the iPad.

The update adds support for Audiobus and introduces new ‘pro’ features, including increased maximum bar length and automation parameter edit support. Plus ‘Increased Japanese’!

Details below.

New Features:

  • Audiobus support (iPad Air/iPad mini Retina recomended)
  • Increased maximum bar length of clip from 8 bar to 16 bar
  • Automation parameter edit support without real-time recording
  • Arrange tracks
  • Track number support
  • Improved auto-naming function when creating a new song
  • Improved drawing capability

Enhancement of Sequencer

  • Auto scroll sequencer when dragging notes toward the edges of screen
  • Easier to change note length at the right edge of screen
  • You can now move and edit multiple notes together while maintaining their relative pitch
  • Reduce to one action to access parameters such as bar length

Enhancement of ‘Hybrid Design’

  • Refined Hybrid Design with UI/UX experts
  • Optimized design with Function along with streamlined iOS 7 design
  • Improved animation when loading a song
  • Increased Japanese

Enhancement of ‘GadgetCloud’

  • GadgetCloud website version open (www.korg.com/gadgetcloud)
  • Display update date of top chart
  • Activity tab support to show your activity. Notifications now inform you when your track is liked / you are followed, etc.
  • You can now add tags when uploading to SoundCloud

Other small tweaks have been made to improve usability and stability.

Korg also released a pdf Beginner’s Guide to Gadget (PDF).

Korg Gadget is available in the App Store for $29.99.

If you’ve used Gadget – leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

37 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Update Adds Audiobus Support, Pro Features

  1. Great update! As I can use my other Korg apps in the ‘gadgets’ environment (I mean directly as a ‘gadget’, not audio bus) I will be in sandboxed heaven. Korg are just on fire at the moment….

  2. i dont see any advancd midi implementation yet. Thats the pro feature im most pining for. Setting up various midi templates to lay those knobs out on hardware. Plus, woukd it have killed them to do a fullscreen instrument view in landscape mode, or standard onscreen piano keys? maybe next update.

  3. Korg Gadget is awesome, and probably the best iPad instrument out there. You can make full tracks with it (except perhaps for the vocals and guitars). But you can make tunes in a few minutes, and they are of great quality. Marseille is my favourite synth at the moment.

  4. I did 13 Songs with only Gadget thsi FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and it worked without any problems. I was able to send out the ready mixed songs to my Dropbox and do a final mastering run on my mac. Best 30$ spend ever on iPad Music Software.

  5. no really feature of interest for me but very clever of korg to push this forward.
    i am thinking this will be their main ecosystem for apps from now one.
    it just begs for expansions like samplers and effects and mark my word they will provide their own inapp store for it.

    one thing sorely missing, and correct me if i´m wrong, is quantizing/swing options after recording.
    it would be great to export midi aswell but i doubt this will happen.

    i always liked korg but was indifferent to them as a corporation.
    however the last couple of years really made them one of my favourite companies. reading about tatsuya takahashi and tadahiko sakamaki cemented that perception and i am looking forward to their new products with excitement. they are obviously driven and that shines through.

  6. Absolutely brilliant, perfect for beginners and advanced users alike, midi isn’t especially a problem for me, it works as is, but it would be very nice!

    Please can we have a midi implementation & a chart like there is for iElectribe Korg-san?

  7. Well the audiobus support is what I was looking forward to, but they aren’t kidding when they say iPad Air recommended. I tried recording a tune I wrote on Gadget with several tracks into Auria, and it was not possible on my iPad 4 without getting pops and stutters. Since I actually play my iPad as an instument (drums, Guitarism, Geo, etc.) I have not opted for an iPad Air due to its flimsy feel compared to my iPad 4 and glass thickness half of it. So I will continue to play around with Gadget and just record into my regular computer DAWS if needed (I’m hoping the iPad Pro’s will have a little more robust build) Gadget definitely sounds very very good, much better than my first Korg instrument which was the M1 back in the day.

  8. Did the first post mean” can’t “instead of “can”, as per using other Korg apps inside of Gadget?
    I can not find this feature..

  9. This is a cool app… For me I would like to see proper sized piano keyboard. Also like to be able to adjust the screen to horizontal… Yep, can’t wait for the next korg app…

  10. Hey, I have tried composing with this on my ipad mini, which is of course, using an older processor from the ipad 2s. How much better does this app work on a newer ipad? I was noticing a lot of cutouts when I tried to make a complete song with it.

    1. There’s a comparison chart over at Korgs site that lists the nr of Gadgets/Tracks you can have running at the same time on each iPad model, with and without freezed tracks as well. 5-6 tracks on iPad 2 sounds about right from what I remember tho

    1. Now that I actually see what he was going for it’s not so crazy, if they put it in the audiobook section of itunes for ten bucks I might cop it.

  11. I own two ipad 2s. One way to get a little bit more out of Gadget is to use WIST and run two at once. This actually becomes kind of interesting, because to save you have to save two files, and then you may end up mixing and matching them later — you can always just change the key of the track and everything will jump in key. I want ipad Airs. You can’t have enough ipad action in the studio. I cannot wait for the big screen ipads with massive horsepower. how much will an ipad pro cost? Whatever it is, I will probably buy two.

    1. Thanks for the idea of using WIST with Gadgets. I’ve been an fxteleport user for years now so the concept of WIST is very familiar. I do have two iPads, a three and a four. I havent actually tried WIST with anything yet and it will be a fun little experiment for sure. Also I concur with the others on being able to use Gadgets in landscape mode and hope Korg will address this.

  12. This update isn’t terribly exciting, but maybe that’s cause the initial release if the app itself was so awesome. Some useful features, but was hoping for maybe 1 gadget more with the update. It would’ve made my day which was kinda crappy ;-0. I will say this app is a favorite of mine however!!

  13. Just be aware that in this update in automation section you will no longer see only the parametera that have automation, but the whole lot of them, so you’ll have to scroll down to find the one you want to edit. Why didn’t they group the ones you’ve automated near the top like befere is bizzare. I liked that feature.

    1. The ones with automation have do have a small “light” next to them in that list, so they’re easy to spot. I personally prefer not having to record a parameter to get to the automation edit for it. But grouping might be a good idea? Unless you have automation for lots of parameters going on.

  14. LANDSCAPE>>>LANDSCAPE>>>LANDSCAPE>>>LANDSCAPE>>>LANDSCAPE>>>LANDSCAPE>>>do i have to say it again? it is a pain to use this thing physically. if a great app other wise.

    oh except for when i was showing it to my 8 year old and the automatic name was “whore master”. way to keep it classy korg.

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