Akai Pro Debuts Rhythm Wolf: Drum Machine & Bass Synth, With “Howl”

Akai_Pro_RhythmWolfMusikmesse 2014: Akai Professional today announced the Rhythm Wolf, an analog drum machine and bass synthesizer module with built-in sequencing.

The Rhythm Wolf is an authentic analog instrument that incorporates the sounds of early electronic and hip-hop music into the Akai Professional workflow, enabling musicians to harness “iconic” analog sounds for music production and performance.

The drum machine consists of five “tweakable” drum sounds and includes a kick, snare, open and closed hi-hat, and metallic percussion. On-board controls allow users to separately customize the tuning, amplitude envelopes, and volume of each drum voice for precise real-time adjustment.

The bass synthesizer features a selectable oscillator (sawtooth or square wave), classic filter design, a filter envelope with variable decay, and is capable of creating powerful bass sounds and “squelchy” leads.

The Rhythm Wolf is also outfitted with six MPC pads and a built-in 32-step sequencer, for a responsive interface with a familiar drum machine layout. Drum patterns can be fine-tuned with Swing function, pattern select, and tempo control knobs. A custom distortion signal path is activated by the Rhythm Wolf’s whimsically named “Howl” knob. It also has USB-MIDI, MIDI In/Out, a gate trigger, and the Rhythm Wolf integrates easily with both modern and vintage equipment.

Rhythm Wolf Highlights:

  • 5-voice analog drum machine and synth-authentic analog design that references classic rhythm machines and synthesizers
  • Legendary analog drum sounds: kick, snare, open and closed hi-hat, and metallic percussion
  • Synth bass module: selectable square or sawtooth wave
  • Onboard 32-step sequencer
  • Six genuine MPC pads for sequencing and finger drumming
  • “Howl” knob: custom distortion circuit for additional sound design
  • MIDI connectivity: USB-MIDI and MIDI In/Out
  • Gate Trigger: for triggering via modular synths, vintage sequencers, or external sound
  • Independent audio outputs: dedicated outputs for the drum machine and synth bass module for more precise mixing
  • Dedicated outputs for the drum machine and synth-bass

Pricing and Availability

Akai Pro’s Rhythm Wolf will be available worldwide later this summer, with a “street” price of US $199.99. For more information, check out the Akai Professional website.

150 thoughts on “Akai Pro Debuts Rhythm Wolf: Drum Machine & Bass Synth, With “Howl”

    1. So, they had one available for press but didn’t plug it and play with it for even a couple seconds? Sorry, but this gets more bogus every minute. This thing is like the Bitwig of analog.

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    2. Only problem is the Rhythm Wolf wont be avail till September according to Akai UK ,so with everyone saying its release is later summer is a joke!!! Try winter ??? πŸ™

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  1. It only has 2 output jacks on tieback of unit for audio and two 1/8th inch trigger outputs – so thats mono for bass and mono for all drums 9you have to laugh really).

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  2. This idea of half a drum machine does not sit well with me. No rimtap, no cowbell, no clap. So you need a real drum machine such as the RYTM or DSI Tempest anyway. Save your money and get a whole drum machine or stay in this price category and get a used Korg Tribe.

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    1. or combine it with another cheap drum machine to fill out the sounds, or combine it with an analogue synthesizer with a drum sound patch, get creative no need to spend the silly money a tempest costs as nice as that machine is

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      1. I own the Tempest, and I am very happy with this. I do not at all believe that this Wolf is supposed to play in the same league at all. I could indeed imagine this one to complement the Tempest nicely. It is a completely different market. Idea: use it to run it alongside Traktor or whatever other DJ software to chip in basic beats. Or take it with you for quick beat and bassline layouts (yes, the TR/TB association is probably not miles away.)

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    2. What exactly is “half” about kick, snare and hihat? That *is* a drum set at its core. If you can’t make a groove with the most basic ingredients possible, you should probably think about your beat making skills. But that aside, it would of course be “nice” to have just a few more sounds available. However, I like that very basic, stripped down approach: No fuss, just kick and bass.

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  3. Wow, nice!!! Almost looks like Akai go someone from MFB for product consultation. Personally this is what I want to see from a manufacture of EDM gear -(Affordable,analog, digital interface,21century cosmetics with or with out retro-cosmetics). Also would be great if Akai would in similar fashion follow Korgs creative-process by making many different types of affordable analog/digital music gear that may be retro-analog but still can be interfaced with say computer software-iPad systems keeping it cutting edge.

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          1. Oh please no. Informed, deterministic modding to add functionality? Yes please. Experimentation to find hidden potential in the circuitry? Also okay. “Circuit bending” creating a noisy mess out of a previously functional and interesting device? No thanks. I can’t complain when people turn an old portasound into a glitch machine, but when it’s done to perfectly functional synths and samplers (like the much-abused Yamaha SK series, which are now harder to find un-bent than “modified) it just grates.

            I don’t remember if it was here or on another website that someone said “future musicians will look back on this as the ‘age of the circuit benders’ as they try to find an un-destroyed example”.

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  4. I think its caf, nice wee drums and bass machine, not unlike monotribe, i recon that would be a good wee pairing those two, nice cv inout, and midi, cheap as chips, tie them together with volcas etc..nice, I like the name too, bring on the bass leopard, the pad platypus, the sine dingo, the saw ocelot, the sample bandicoot, the baboon synth, the gibbon master 5000, i want a whole fucken zoo of cheap boxes llf

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  5. Has anyone heard anything further about the ‘Rhythm Wolf’? …it’s available for pre-order, but I’ve not found any recent news, or more importantly demo’s.

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  6. still not a single sound demo? taking orders for a drum machine that no-one has heard? are you serious AKAI?

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  7. Thinking NEED to know if a CD in the package KDE SOFTWARE CAN KICK FOR HARDCORE modify KICK KICK A TEKNO form.
    I want to purchase VERSION CAT but do not want to drive a MONEY ON UNNECESSARY bulls in which NEDO CHANGE HARDCORE PACK PACK PACK TEKNO

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