14 thoughts on “Roland AIRA TB-3, VT-3 Review & Demo

  1. Enough, already. You don’t need to keep proving to me over and over that this is very dull equipment, indeed. It is amazing, though, how a well-heeled company can just keep cramming it down our throats. And, unfortunately, some will cave to this onslaught and actually shell out the money for equipment that will be be virtually worthless in three years.

    1. tim

      Our coverage is guided by what we think is newsworthy to readers, not by ‘well-heeled’ companies. The Rolland Aira line and the Korg/ARP Odyssey have been the two most discussed announcements so far this year, so it’s clear that there is reader interest.

      1. Perhaps a reader pol on who does and who doesn’t want to hear anymore about this equipment? Seems like we’ve seen more than enough.

        1. Perhaps a poll on whether we want to read any more whining about the content here? Don’t like it? Go read one of the other eleventeen gazillion other sites….

          1. ….each of which gladly sucks up corporate propaganda for a product that is not able to stand on it’s own without reams of sponsored reviews and a bucket load of green blinky LEDs.

            1. tim

              Our editorial decisions are based on what we think is newsworthy and shaped by what we see people are reading and discussing.

              Check the ‘What People Are Talking About’ section in the right sidebar and you can see what the most discussed recent stories are. It would be irrational for us to avoid topics that readers are clearly interested in and passionate about.

    1. I cannot for the life of me wait to see what up with that arp re release. Of nothing else, this new variation offers something much CHEAPER and most definitely easier to replace and repair. This to me is a big deal.

  2. So, does the VT-3 do anything but squelchy robot voices? I’m a horn player, and if it does some basic pitch shifting & harmonization, for $200 it may be a good option, but so far the demos have’t shown me anything interesting, and yes, have been almost dismissive. (2 “Auto Pitch” presets on the panel, but no info on flexibility or how it is implemented)

  3. I am surprised how much I dislike the sound of the TB 3. Normally I am fairly forgiving of synthesisers and think right person, right time, right effects and it could be good but the TB 3 really does not sound useful under any circumstances. I’m not being anti Roland or an analogue only snob. The 808 clone looks like a fun if under developed digital drum machine but the TB 3 looks hideously ugly and very overpriced for what sounds like a bad 2$ iPad app. Maybe Roland have been unlucky with the demos but there has been a good few now and so far it just sounds bad… it makes tracks sound worse… which is surprising.

  4. 303 and 808 are dead.. Buy elektrons new iPad app for pro results.303 and 808 are dead.. Buy elektrons new iPad app for pro results.

  5. One of my biggest problems with non-analogue equipment is that they have the opportunity to actually utilise the digital nature to create much more interesting sounds and textures, but instead they just emulate analogue synths. They’re trying to cash in on the analogue sound with digital equipment, when if they’re so obsessed with digital they should wow people with fascinating new sounds.

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