New iPad App, Sliver, Designed For Soundscape & Sonic Texture Creation


Developer Alex Matheu has released Sliver – a new iPad app, designed for soundscape and sonic texture creation.

According to Matheu, Sliver works with any audio content and lets you create a playable instrument from any sound.

Here’s a demo of Sliver in action:

The core of Sliver is 4 real-time resizable clips (slivers) that can be moved around the waveform. Each sliver has its own channel with independent volume, pan, filter, and sliver size. These controls can be set in motion with Sliver’s automation engine.

Sliver uses a real-time automation system to put movement in your textures. This system also allows for override to be able to shape the ongoing captured performance. The filters and size windows are controlled by XY pads.

Touching along the waveform places, moves, and sizes the slivers, allowing you to intuitively scrub the waveform with a variable loop size.

A chain of effects assigned to XY Control pads allows you to shape and mangle the sounds produced by the slivers.


  • 4 Real-time Manipulation Slivers
  • 4 Independent Audio Channels
  • Full Automation Control
  • Apple UIKit Dynamics Physics Controls
  • 8 X/Y Pad control
  • Touchable Waveform
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Temp Sync’ed Delay
  • Reverb
  • Realtime Pitch-shifting without effecting Time Domain (TimeStretch)
  • BitCrush
  • Saturation
  • Audiobus Support
  • AudioShare Import/Export
  • Email Import/Export (Sounds and Presets)
  • AudioCopy/Paste
  • Sample Recording
  • Resampling
  • Playable Virtual Keyboard
  • MIDI (Virtual, Network, or Hardware)
  • MIDI Learn
  • 40+ Factory Samples
  • 60 Factory Presets

Sliver is available now in the App Store for $3.99.

If you’ve used Sliver, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

19 thoughts on “New iPad App, Sliver, Designed For Soundscape & Sonic Texture Creation

  1. I just downloaded it. Very clear interface. Wins my award for “shortest time from opening an app for the first time and actually playing it like an instrument using all of the controls.”

  2. This looks like a near perfect iPad app. Easy to use, lots of touchy performance stuff, and it can output sounds that I can use later in Ableton! Looking forward to experimenting with it.

  3. Time Stretching and béat adapting for having rythmic sample at the same tempo make this application perfect 😉 Thank’s

  4. Hmm… embedded youtube player looks to be broken. Getting “500 Internal Server Error” in window. I wanna hear dammit!

  5. OoOOooh! Define “sample recorder”. As in recording external sources? or recording your performance? I’m guessing the first, since “resampling” would cover the latter. Either way , I’m DL first thing when I get home!

  6. It may very well be the poor man’s Hartmann Neuron substitute ( long discontinued and was way overpriced and prone to hardware problems). May possibly be just as powerful or even more so.

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