Propellerhead Video Challenge: Create a Song From Scratch

propellerhead-record-softwarePropellerhead Software is holding a contest: they are asking songwriters to submit a video tutorial (via YouTube), no more than 5 minutes in length, showing how you create a song from scratch.

The winner’s video gets featured on the Propellerhead site. Deadline is March 25, 2014.

Rules and more information are at this link.

9 thoughts on “Propellerhead Video Challenge: Create a Song From Scratch

  1. This sounds like a interesting challenge. My brother writes songs since 5 years and has his own band. I will send him the link to Propellerhead and see what he makes out of it..

  2. Sounds interesting….but it will really be more like can you recreate and original song you wrote on reason on video in 5 minutes….a good song (vs a loop per se) requires more thought than that.

    1. It’s not Make a song from scratch in 5 minutes…

      it’s: make a tutorial video no longer than 5 minutes explaining your personal methodology when creating a song from scratch.

      1. Yes it is – click the link – it says record yourself starting a song and see how far you can take it in 5 min….thats from their instructions

        I was only pointing out that whomever wins is likely to do what you said which is what I said and not really what they are saying (on their website not synthtopia_

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