KORG Nuvibe – New Version Of A Classic Effect

At Musikmesse 2014, Korg has introduced the NuVibe – a new version of the classic modulation effect unit, reborn under the supervision of the original device’s engineer, Fumio Mieda.

The NuVibe is a vibrato chorus effect. As on the original model, it provides a switch for selecting either vibrato or chorus, and INTENSITY and SPEED knobs for producing the distinctive effect.

The Nuvibe is not simply a recreation of the original model. It provides ten WAVE sliders that allow users to create their own LFO waveforms. This lets you produce a wide variety of effects, including sounds faithful to the original model as well as your very own custom sounds.

The buffer circuit, that has such an important impact on the sonic character, has been also been redesigned. And a dedicated expression pedal is also now included.


  • Resurrected under the supervision of the developer of the original model.
  • Discrete design using 79 transistors. The CdS photoresistor that lies at the heart of the sound is simulated by an original circuit using transistors.
  • The WAVE sliders allow users to create their own LFO waveforms
  • New buffer circuit designed by the developer of the original model
  • Battery operation is also supported (six AA batteries allow up to four hours of operation)
  • True bypass design that was not provided on the original model
  • Dedicated expression pedal is included, allowing the modulation effect to be controlled
  • Unlatch switch bypasses the internal circuitry when the effect is off

The Korg NuVibe is priced at US $499.99 and is expected to be available this summer. See the Korg site for details.

12 thoughts on “KORG Nuvibe – New Version Of A Classic Effect

    1. I’d love an Analog version of the ER-1, but give them credit for doing some great stuff in the last year.

      This pedal looks sweet, the full-size MS-20 looks awesome, they introduced a new keytar, the Volca line is a lot of fun – the list of stuff they’ve introduced recently is pretty impressive.

      1. i am just having bit of fun. korg became my favourite company in the last few years. much respect for them.
        just think that this electribe is really hanging in the air.

  1. This sounds pretty cool. I have a chorus pedal that can do a square/sine mix and it really extends its usefulness. I’m definitely interested in the different waveforms.

  2. Hey, it has 79 transistors, what else do you want? 😀 I trimmed my rig DOWN after a while because the clutter was getting in my way musically, but a tool like this seems more like something a serious player would apply because it struck them as part of Their Sound. $500 feels a bit steep, but not if its going to be a mainstay. It has guitarist or Rhodes player written all over it. Being able to build your own LFO shape is killer-good.

  3. It’s cool that they are putting something like this out, but for the price you could purchase several awesome analog (or digital modeling) pedals and achieve a far wider range of tones. Also, the demo performance really doesn’t help sell this thing. Would have been interesting to hear a more subtle nuanced demonstration. Unless you put a Strymon logo on it, $500 is tough to justify for any pedal these days.

  4. I guess this is a Univibe copy, with added features, but it’s hard to tell from this video as none of the sounds demoed sound remotely like a univibe. I don’t know why they bothered finding a Hendrix clone to demo this if they weren’t going to demo any of the classic sounds.

  5. I just bought one from Sweetwater and read the manual. It doesn’t come with its own power supply.
    499.99 and no power supply? tight wad’s what another few buck for a power supply. it also doesn’t run on 18v like the original and no optical photo sensors? this isn’t a univibe its a glorified phase shifter for 500 bucks. sweet water got back to me today and said it draws 200ma so something like a one spot will power it up. I’ll try it out tonight and if its better than my mojo or fulltone vibes i’ll keep it.
    by looks and reading about it so far I’m not impressed

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