Nektar Announces Deep Integration Between Panorama Controller & Bitwig Studio


Musikmesse 2014Nektar Technology has announced “deep integration” between the Nektar Panorama line of MIDI controllers and Bitwig Studio.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

From day one, Bitwig Studio will benefit from the extensive and transparent Panorama workflow integration that allows for controlling the Bitwig Studio mixer, instruments, effects, transport plus clip and scene launching right from Panorama P1, P4 or P6.

Building on Panorama’s workflow concept developed first for Reason and Cubase, additional functionality has been added to take full advantage of the Bitwig Studio controller API. This includes the ability to browse the instrument and effects device libraries of patches by category or creator, right from Panorama.

A step sequencer has also been included using the 8 LED buttons to program any of the up to 32 steps in a sequence. Panorama creates the events directly in Bitwig Studio so they are instantly part of a song and ready for further manipulation.

Taking advantage of the pads on the Panorama P4 and P6, it’s possible to trigger, create and record clips and scenes in absolute real-time. The Panorama display provides constant updates to show which clips are currently active, including the name of the clips available on the current track.

All things considered and also taking into account the compatibility of BitWig Studio with VST plug-ins, full navigation of all devices and their parameters, complete mixer control including motorized fader – the Panorama/Bitwig Studio combination may well be the most advanced hardware/software combination to date.

Here’s the official preview video:

Registered owners of Panorama will be able to download the Panorama Bitwig Studio installer from the Nektar site on March 26, 2014, the release date for Bitwig Studio.

4 thoughts on “Nektar Announces Deep Integration Between Panorama Controller & Bitwig Studio

  1. D-12 ( before Bitwig Studio’s release )

    And we’ll all be able to make our own trance music within a few clicks 😀

    Can BWS also record voice ? speeches only, or even a singing voice ?
    Are we allowed to use piano plugins with it ?
    Can it take some audio from external instruments ?
    Does it automatically remove any no-trance sound, like B3 or rhodes ?

    The wait is nearly over, we’ll be able to download a demo version on March the 26th and answer all those deep questions ourselves !!


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