Bastl Instruments Trinity + Micro Granny 2 At Musikmesse

This video, via Cuckoo, captures an overview and demo of the Bastl Instruments Trinity + Micro Granny 2 at Musikmesse 2014.

Here’s what Cuckoo has to say about the video:

During Musikmesse 2014 I had the great pleasure to meet up with the guys from Bastl Instruments. A small company from Brno in Czech Republic. They showed me how their new Trinity boxes worked. And they also gave me a demo of their brand new Micro Granny 2, a totally cool granular sampler worth checking out.

They are sort of low level, glitchy, digital synths, making sounds that are very unique in these days. We had a nice talk, and they opened up and started talking about their heritage and the old Czech electronic scene that they hope will rise again 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bastl Instruments Trinity + Micro Granny 2 At Musikmesse

  1. I only recently found about the Trinity line, and in spite of myself—generally shunning the aesthetic of lo-fi chip music—I’ve since been revisiting the Bastl Instruments website at an unhealthy frequency. It’s just really hard not to be attracted by these guys’ work ethic, not to speak of their approach to music and design. Though I can’t really see myself wanting a granular sampler any time soon, no matter how quirkily playable it may seem, I’ll most definitely be trying to get my hands on the other boxes: the prospect of using these alongside my OP-1 is positively drool-worthy (know what I mean, cuckoo? wink wink, nudge nudge).

    The only thing that’s holding me back is the minimal shipping information on the Bastl website. Does anyone have experiences they’d care to share? I’ve searched here and there, but most forums don’t seem to have accorded them much notice, the patch blocks-concept having stolen the spotlight in many cases. What’s the usual waiting time inside Europe? What were your first impressions? And how important is it to have a grip on the Arduino side of things?

    Thanks for posting the interview, cuckoo. It’s unfortunate how some people confuse insight with ‘dumbness’, for your coverage of this year’s show was some of the best.

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