Lush Projects Intros LushOne Echo Module Kit

LushOne-Echo-ModuleLush Projects has introduced the LushOne Echo module – a DIY delay and echo effect

All key parameters can be set manually or manipulated using a control voltage. With the LushOne echo you can simulate room echoes or create space-age effects. The LushOne Echo also contains an envelope generator, which produces a control voltage based on the amplitude of the input signal.

The LushOne Echo kit continues the design principles of the LushOne base. A single board design is used to keep costs low. The LushOne echo uses the popular PT2399 digital delay chip with supporting analogue circuits. At long delays it gets noisy and creates a lo-fi roughness to the sound. At medium and short delays it has a nice, natural quality. The ability to vary the delay on-the-fly and with a control voltage allows it to create space-age swoops and zaps as well as more normal static delay effects.

The LushOne Echo can be added to any level of the LushOne system. It can be used with just the LushOne Base or integrated in to a bigger system.

The LushOne Echo provides:

  • Echo effect
    • Add echo effects to any input signal
    • Adjustable input sensitivity level
    • Adjustable level of original input in the output
    • Adjustable level of echo in the output with voltage control
    • Adjustable level of feedback in the echo circuit with voltage control
    • Adjustable delay with voltage control
    • Exponential response on delay control for ease of use
    • Internal or external feedback switch which allows extra processing functions to be inserted in the feedback loop using the Send/Return connections
    • Power-on protection circuit so that the PT2399 chip can be run at its shortest possible delay without damage
  • Envelope generator
    • Create control voltage based on amplitude of input signal
    • Allows effects to respond to volume level of a sound
  • Single board design including all controls and connectors (except power-in) providing straightforward construction and neat presentation. A laser cut case is available that contains the LushOne base and the Inca or it can easily be housed in a project box.
  • Open-source access to schematics

Note: The developers say that the LushOne Echo is straightforward to build but it does have quite a high component count. It is recommended that you have some experience in building electronics before starting on this kit.

See the LushProjects site for details.

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