Presets in Audiobus 2 (Sneak Preview)

This video takes a look at how to create, load and share presets in Audiobus 2

Apps in the demo that are going to support state saving:

Details on the release date for Audiobus 2 are still to be announced. We’ll let you know as soon as official information is available.

7 thoughts on “Presets in Audiobus 2 (Sneak Preview)

  1. So the Ipad will be able to do a basic feature we had in every music software on our computers 15 years ago? Finally!

    1. This is saving state across multiple apps, in an open way, instead of within a closed system, like Reason. Has this been done before?

      1. Every DAW in the history of computer music has done this before, even the “open” ones like Reaper does it.

        BTW, I’m not posting because I hate the ipad, I actually love it, but I’m always surprised how far behind it is and how “basic things” are welcomed with applause when they are finally available on this platform.

        Kind of like how the entire audience got up and applauded when copy/paste was introduced to the iphone 2 years after it had been released.

        1. But this is not saving patches within a DAW – iPad DAWs have always let you save their state. This is saving patches that combine a variety of audio apps.

          Do you know of anything that lets you do the same thing – saving patches that combine a variety of audio apps – on Mac or PC? There are some – but not the DAWs that you’re thinking of.

          1. It does save patches within a DAW, if I had to reload patches on every plugins every time I reload a project it would make me mad. Exceptions noted are the occasional plugins that causes problems.

            As for combining different apps or software, there are a few methods for saving the state of your computer both on Mac and PC. This is something handled on the OS level, not within a DAW.

  2. looks very cool!

    By open, does this mean that other host apps on the iPad can implement the state saving feature, so for example if I open Auria all the IAA apps will re-open, load up the right settings and link in as they were in the last session?

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