Rob Papen BLUE-II Video Overview

In this video, synth designer Rob Papen introduces his latest software synthesizer, Blue II

Blue II is a ‘virtual super synthesizer’ for PC and Mac, available in 32/64bit as VST/AU/AAX plug-in.

Here’s what Papen has to say about Blue II:

First released in 2005 BLUE already reflected Rob Papen’s cutting-edge, creative, and – most importantly – musical approach towards developing virtual instruments by first delivering FM and subtractive synthesis, then duly adding Phase Distortion and wave shaping synthesis into the highly creative mix to create one seriously creative combination. Rob Papen himself called it Cross-fusion synthesis since it covered so much musical ground so effectively.

Today BLUE-II remains true to that ethos with even more sound dimensions and features to its extended name, starting with six oscillators beating at its musically creative heart. These can be connected in various ways, together with two analogue-style modelled stereo filters with 27 different filter types, an enormous range of processing and modulation options, sequencer, and an incredibly powerful arpeggiator. A new range of specially selected waveforms based on samples have been meticulously fashioned for creating new and fresh-sounding synth sounds, so don’t go expecting acoustic pianos galore here. However, since choirs and strings are an excellent basis for so many synth sounds BLUE-II has them in abundance – with much more besides!

Moreover, BLUE-II takes the useful XY pad features from its popular virtual instrument sibling Blade – a cutting-edge additive synthesis powerhouse with a human touch – and transplants them into its own equally extraordinary workflow… perfect for time-based sound movements and vector pad-type sounds. Complemented by four top-quality FX processors, each offering 35 FX types, BLUE-II is a phenomenally powerful virtual instrument to behold.

But BLUE-II is also easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly user interface and an innovative Easy Edit page for speedy sound changes, while the Bank Manager allows whistle-stop navigation through thousands of inspirational Rob Papen presets and artist sound banks covering a wide range of musical styles.

BLUE-II represents an amazing journey into ‘Cross-fusion synthesis’ and, quite simply, sounds stunning!

See the Rob Papen site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Rob Papen BLUE-II Video Overview

  1. That’s not entirely unreasonable as a theory, but I know there are plenty of kidz who want an 808 because everyone says they are cool.

  2. Powerhouse synths like these have so much potential– not just for making cool and/or new sounds, but for customizing them and making them expressive with velocity, and other controls.

    It is a crowded field, but it is cool that Papen is staying cutting edge with the sound, not dumbing down the interface and keeping things up-to-date. Bravo.

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