Akai Pro APC40 mkII Jam, Featuring Carl Rag

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam/controllerism workout features Carl Rag putting the new Akai Pro APC40 mkII through its paces. 

Technical details:

Carl Rag performs a live remix, using the APC40 mkII at the Ministry of Sound. Carl performed in Ableton Live Session View, using the Toolroom Records artist launch packs, as well as AIR Music Tech’s Hybrid 3.

To learn more about the APC40 mkII, see the Akai Pro site.

12 thoughts on “Akai Pro APC40 mkII Jam, Featuring Carl Rag

    1. What exactly is “deep” about “deep house” music?
      Probably the same thing that’s intelligent about “intelligent dance music”.

      I stick to producing “Superb, Ultimately Constructed, Keyed Scores” or “SUCKS music”.

        1. I wasn’t trying to be a jackass really. Genre names just don’t make sense to me sometimes.

          Grindcore. I get it. Synth Pop. I get it. What IS ‘deep house’?
          And if that’s not what this clip was, what is it? Seriously, I have absolutely no interest in that ‘sound’ and hence, no idea what to call it. 😉

  1. So… I guess the words “live” & “jam” now mean someone playing a heavily practiced sequence of button presses in realtime?


    1. You’re forcing me to name drop.

      My graphic designs are featured worldwide. Look at any Exxon Mobil oil label, in any corner of the earth. That’s all my work (for better or worse; you can only push things so far with corporate clients).

      My point was that, in my head, “jam” means that you start something from scratch, thinking up musical phrases ON THE FLY. This “demo” is NOT on the fly. Everything is set up, and he obviously practiced the song.

  2. This is obviously a show off of the controller and its features, I have no idea why people from synthopia called it jam.

    1. Simple misconception, I’m about to clear it up for you:

      Improv = Jam

      Jam != Improv

      When people “jam” it doesn’t mean it has to be completely improvised. You can jam on a chord progression, where everyone knows the next part, etc. Jamming just means impromptu playing, it does not need to be improvised playing.

      As for the style of the music… I can think of one reason why that club is empty.

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