Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer Video Demo

In this video, YouTube user AnalogAudio1 takes a break from the usual exploration of vintage analog gear to explore the sounds of the new Korg MS-20 Mini analog synthesizer.

The video doesn’t discuss the features of the Mini, instead focusing on the range of sounds that are possible with the new analog synth. 

Here’s the video summary:

Here is a demo of the brand new KORG MS-20 MINI monophonic analog synthesizer. It is a reissue of the classic MS-20 synth from 1978. The sound of the Mini is damn close, but that’s not the case for the sturdiness of the hardware. The hardware of the Mini is rather cheap – but affordable!

On some sounds I used a Lexicon MPX-500 for reverbs and a Roland DEP-5 for delay effects. In the intro I used the Doepfer Dark Time sequencer to control the MS-20 mini via MIDI.

If you’ve used the MS-20 Mini, let us know what you think of it!

14 thoughts on “Korg MS-20 Mini Analog Synthesizer Video Demo

  1. I avoided this synth for a long time because of the build quality (not so terrible as I first thought) and the mini-keys. (Still very playable.) It’s now actually one of my favorite synths. An absolute steal for the price.

  2. I love this synth. When it was announced, i was already considering taking the plunge for the vintage model. The mini was a nobrainer for me. I would call the build quality gret for the price, and the minikeys some of the most playable ever made. Smaller keys mean larger intervals inone hand!

  3. Bought two of them back when they got into the stores…I pair them up…with two English Tear Modules and use them with my Large Analog system…all I can say is that they marry well!!

    Thank you Korg!!!

    So now that your gonna do the Arp Odyssey…is the Arp 2600 next? Crossing my fingers!!

  4. Got mine too and must say that it´s a very good synth, has all the basics and modulation capabilities for an affordable price! Sounds big compared with it´s vst version. A must have synth.

  5. I always love a synth video where you get to hear the synthesizer – plus stunning state-of-the-ark visual effects! What’s not to like?

  6. I too, would like to second that this synth is great. Amazing sound and really encourages you to tweak! I got sucked in every time! Anyone know of any advanced tutorials for the modulation matrix?

  7. When I got started, I had a MiniMoog and a friend had an MS20, so we spent a lot of time routing them into one another, with guitar pedals applied anywhere they’d fit. Yet another friend played guitar into the External Signal Follower, which can be a whole separate secret weapon if you take the time to tune it into shape. The MS20 only routes Control and modulation, IIRC, so its not a total modular, but its still a great deal as an effects center of a sort. I like its voice, because while a bit thin, it also has a great, singing, high-pass thing happening. It added top-end to the Moog’s girth and subsequently roared. IMO, its the #1 synth to buy if you have any analog leanings at all, because you can build on it very easily and never lose out musically.

  8. I has the MS-20 mini, but got bored of it after a week. Returned it for a Minibrute then, which I used for 7, 8 months now. Going to sell the Minibrute to get a Stylophone S2 next, since it seems to be the most underestimated synth of today and demos show that it offers quite some nice sounds, although nobody did any proper review of it yet. Seems people are scared of uncommon things?

  9. Nice synth, but i can not be impressed anymore by most monosynths now that i have a dominion 1.

    But for the money this is a great synth, never mind build quality…. it sounds pretty awesome .

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