New App, Auganizer, An AU Organizer For OS X


Auganizer is a new app for OS X, designed to let you organize large libraries of Audio Units.

Auganizer lets you rename, reorder, organize and arrange your Audio Units any way you want to. You can arrange plugins by group, sub group and custom name. For example, following Logic’s native plugin naming scheme, you could use the top folder ‘Dynamics’, sub-folder ‘Compressors’ followed by the name you like to use to identify your plugin.

Auganizer has powerful filtering and search tools within the app so you can quickly find and edit the plugins you want to rename. You can select multiple plugins to rename them all into the same top, or sub group quickly and easily, useful for organising all your EQ or Compressors in one change.


Auganizer also offers OS X’s native Cover Flow, which loads up the GUI’s of your plugins, so you can easily be reminded of the more obscure ones as you organize. You can disable plugins for Logic X, work with 32-bit and 64-bit plugins, export and import your settings. It works directly with Logic (versions 7 to X), Ableton and Garageband. so there is no need to rescan your plugins each time you make changes, simply close and reopen your sequencer and any changes you’ve made will be visible.

Auganizer is available now for US $34.99. See the Auganizer site for more info.

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4 thoughts on “New App, Auganizer, An AU Organizer For OS X

  1. had a quick look at the demo… crashed a few times….. looks like a lot of work when you have a lot of plug-ins. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  2. It’s great, bought it day one. The creator is updating it to fix problem plugins really quickly, and support has been great. I’ve gotten two new updates in the last three days. Working great here and is a crazy workflow enhancement for me.

  3. I’ve got an excellent app for managing too many plug ins. It’s on the lower right of my screen, and it looks like a trash can.

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