FL Studio 11.1 Adds MiniSynth, Support For iPad, Android Controllers

fl-studio-11-1Image-Line has released an update to FL Studio for Windows, version 11.1.

Here’s what they have to say about FL Studio 11.1:

FL Studio 11.1 is now available and we are really piling on the freebies this time round.

First, FL Studio 11.1 is FREE for existing customers under the Lifetime Free Update policy. FL Studio 11.1 includes support for the FREE and hugely popular Image-Line Remote Android and iOS MIDI remote controller application and a new FREE synthesizer MiniSynth, that also works as a crossover synth with FL Studio Mobile.

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 11.1:

  • Most plugins updated (bugfixes)
  • Image-Line Remote for Android (Google Play) and iOS (iTunes Apps) updated
  • MiniSynth free synth is included
  • FL Studio Mobile import updated
  • Launchpad support updated
  • DirectWave import support updated
  • Bugfixes as reported since the last version, FL Studio 11.0.5

Here are examples of MiniSynth in action:

See the Image-Line site for details.

5 thoughts on “FL Studio 11.1 Adds MiniSynth, Support For iPad, Android Controllers

  1. You can get the 64 Bit version here if you are a customer. It’s been running rock solid for months. Reflex says they are planning to release it shortly and are just waiting on the Sample converter for DirectWave and some other bits and pieces.


    From what I can see they are not in a rush because contrary to your post, most people don’t need 64 bit and it comes with its own list of headaches like running 32 bit plugins. Just the reverse problem that you have now with 64 bit in a 32 bit host.

    Anyhow, 64 bit FL Studio is available if you own the program…so what is your point again?

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