Sound Design With Rich Formidoni – Hotwiring The Korg MS-20 Mini

Here’s a fun example of sound design on the Korg MS-20 mini.

Korg USA’s Rich Formidoni experiments with the MS-20 mini analog synthesizer, and demonstrates how to ‘hotwire’ it and start it up.

Technical details below:

Here are the patch connections:

  • Pink noise – ESP Signal In
  • ESP Band Pass Filter Out – Ext. Signal In
  • Mod. generator saw/tri out – VCA In
  • VCA out – Total in
  • VCA Control Input – Button
  • VCO 1+2 CV in – Mod wheel
  • Trig. In and Trig. Out are the hot wires

12 thoughts on “Sound Design With Rich Formidoni – Hotwiring The Korg MS-20 Mini

  1. I really like this. I just got the mini and love it. The patching area of the MS20 is new territory for me. Anyone able to recommend some YouTube videos or some kind of video course on how to make the most of it?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Very good demo. I think Rich makes it very easy for people to see the possibilities of the MS-20.

    Quick little story: I met Rich years and years ago while working as a manager at a NY Guitar Center. This was when the Radias first came out and I was to attend a product training seminar. Rich came in and was soo happy with the way I set up the Korg area that he took me to his car and hooked me up with some Korg swag (some tshirts and a laptop bag). That day, I took him out for coffee and we talked gear and music and had a great time. Every training day since, Rich was polite, courteous, knowledgable, and an overall great guy. Glad to see he is still with Korg and doing what he loves. Hope more videos follow.

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