Analog Live Jam With Classic Korg Synths

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via traumaduo, captures a live analog jam, with the Korg MS-20, MS-50, Korg Delta + SQ-10. 

Technical details below:

Live recorded analog jam with some Korgs; like MS20, MS50, Delta and SQ10 Sequencer. Everything is controlled by the SQ10. A 8-Step sequence on the SQ10 is triggered by a simple short rhythmic Midiloop in Ableton Live

Of course Ableton is also used for recording and processing the Audio signals live. Some Effects where added and reprocessed while Rendering at the End.

You can download the Track on Soundcloud or via the embed below:

5 thoughts on “Analog Live Jam With Classic Korg Synths

  1. at 1:33 is says Where used, it is supposed to be “were” used.
    other than that, I,m jealous of your work, nice job !!!!

  2. hi anonym
    yes, its true…my fault – it shoulb be “were used”. there are some other mistakes too.
    that’s because sometimes i’m in a hurry and english is not my maternal language.

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