Macbeth Micromac-D Paraphonic Demo

This video, via maisonvague, captures a bried demo of the three-voice paraphonic capabilities of the Macbeth Micromac-D semi-modular analog synthesizer.

Paraphonic synth designs offer a limited form of polyphony – typically allowing independent control of the pitch of each oscillator, but running the oscillators through shared filter and amplifier. This limitation means that every note you play retriggers the shared filter and amplifier, affecting all notes.

Additional equipment used: Doepfer System A-100, Moog MF-105M, Eventide Eclipse, Kenton Pro 2000 II, UA 4-710d, Digidesign 002R and Pro Tools 8.

4 thoughts on “Macbeth Micromac-D Paraphonic Demo

  1. That’s a nice piece. Modulars are typically so monophonic, you rarely hear one being played polyphonically. There are several easier and ‘better’ ways to get polyphony, but when someone can wrestle it into a shape that works, you get a load of modular goodness. The subtle modulations in this are nice & rich. Its a great promo for “mini-modulars.” Well done.

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