Using An Analog Synth To Beef Up A VST Patch

This video is a demonstration of using a Minimoog Voyager to beef up the sound of a VST synth voice. The VST is sequenced and patched through the Moog as an analog signal, and then augmented with the synths oscillators and analog distortion. 

Technical details:

Using a Minimoog Voyager to beef up a VST synth
First with just its 3 oscillators, then with a feedback loop from the headphones output back into the Audio In.
No FX used on the Moog.

via Miguel d’Oliveira

15 thoughts on “Using An Analog Synth To Beef Up A VST Patch

  1. Does the title of this article just sound wrong? Or is it me?

    I mean – I could understand the title better it if it was being perhaps routed through a Moogerfooger pedal or something, but a Voyager? If you’ve got a Voyager…

    And, err, ummm, did anyone listen to this? I did – I regret it already and I’m glad it’s over. Not seeking to sound rude but it wasn’t at all my thing.

    Perhaps others would like it but it was beginning to give me a headache. I’m sure there are plenty of VSTs one could route through a Voyager and make them sound very pretty, prettier than they already might. I have to say, as a demo though, this wouldn’t be my choice even if I was trying to make that point.

    Nothing wrong with the principle at all in general, but I kept on thinking why not just use the Voyager…

      1. AnalOG

        I use plenty of VSTs and also analog synths and virutal analog synths and iPads together in a studio environment. I wasn’t saying that analog was better or that VSTs couldn’t offer a great deal – I like and use them, merely asking what is being done in this instance to make it sound better – the better “sum of the parts”? I couldn’t hear that here…

      1. I’m just being honest. I’m all for analog doing what it does well. But, it isn’t formulaic; I’m not sold on ‘putting a sound source through a voyager makes it better’. Not that a voyager couldn’t improve a sound, I just don’t think this was a great example.

  2. The idea of mixing analogue and digital is something I have been advocating for some years. The two together will give us powers never before seen when “done right”. But this? This just hurt my head. The sound of that voyager was just awful. If this is how you use your high end analogue stuff, you really shouldnt be allowed to own one. The VST sound was far better on its own.
    Besides, layering up different vst’s in,say, ableton or bitwig will produce a mighty fat sound if you know your vst’s.

  3. I often run the Blofeld Keyboard into the Moog Voyager filter. Sometimes it takes the edge off and adds something that was lacking.
    If you get creative, very interesting and un intended results can be had. I think this is just a very vanilla example but a good one to demonstrate the idea.
    Get creative with what you have, its never been easier to press Record!

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