Kong Audio Releases Chinee Orchestra SE, ‘A Chinese Sound Palette For All’

chinee-orchestraKong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra SE (Standard Edition), a collection of 27 classical Chinese instruments, plus one set of Chinese percussion.

Chinee Orchestra SE (Standard Edition) is the streamlined version of Chinee Orchestra FE (Full Edition), a sample-based VSTi. Chinee Orchestra SE contains 27 Chinese instruments and one set of Chinese percussion, covering the most common instruments used for composing Chinese music.

Here’s an example of Chinee Orchestra SE in action:


SE complete instrument list:

  • Winds: Bangdi, BaWu, DongXiao, GuanZi, HuLuSi (X2), NanXiao, QuDi, Sheng, SuoNa (X2), Xun.
  • Plucked: GuQin, GuZheng, LiuQin, PiPa, Ruan (X2), SanXian.
  • Stringed: BanHu, ErHu (X2), GaoHu, JingHu, MaTouQin, ZhongHu.
  • Percussion: YangQin, Chinese percussion set.

The price for Chinee Orchestra SE is US $119. For more info about COSE, audio demo and demo version, see the Kong Audio site.

6 thoughts on “Kong Audio Releases Chinee Orchestra SE, ‘A Chinese Sound Palette For All’

  1. Okay, the website and the GUI of the VST’s don’t look too modern, but but the instruments sound quite good and most of them are not available elsewhere, I never found an alternative. Too bad it’s Windows only 🙁

  2. I want, but it’s only PC T_T Is there anything like this for other Asian instruments, like Japan? And not Kontakt 😛

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